Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tilapia, CSA Dressing, and Beets

Tonight we had tilapia. I'm starting to really like tilapia. As long as it is disguised by some combination of herbs, cheese, veggies, lemon juice...!!! Since the grill is out of gas, SP baked the tilapia in the oven. He squeezed lemon juice over it, placed slices of tomato on top, and sprinkled it all with grated parmesan and fresh basil. The tomato was so juicy and combined with the lemon juice made a delicious sauce on the tilapia.
While he prepared the tilapia, I snacked on the CSA blueberries. They are now all gone!! We decided to try the CSA Salad Dressing Mix. The herb pack had thyme, basil, chives, & green onion. Those are combined in a blender with milk, honey, oil, vinegar, & Dijon mustard. We had a hard time deciding if we liked it. We decided that it was a tasty 'something different' but that just this once was enough. Plus, we aren't huge fans of creamy dressings (except for me & my blue cheese dressing!). We ate the dressing on sliced cucumber. SP chopped up all the beets we've been getting plus some sweet onion, drizzled them with balsamic vinegar and maybe some olive oil, I forget, and roasted the beets. The onion was tasty, and the beets were good. I'm just not a huge fan of beet flavor. But I would eat these roasted beets again, along with another vegetable. I know I am supposed to be good and not have dessert, but... It's all Rita's fault. Today they sent me an email announcing their new pineapple ice flavor. So then I decided to see if their website lists the daily custard flavors. They don't, but I found the phone number for our Rita's. SP has been thinking about pineapple ice all day. I called and today they have orange custard. I've been wanting to try the orange custard. SP is on his way to Rita's as I type.

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