Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Horse Coffee & Burgers

Sunday, SP & I had to return to Panera to collect a bag that got left behind Saturday night. After picking up the bag, we decided to go across the street to Blue Horse Coffee for a treat and to check out the new restaurant next door to Blue Horse.

The new restaurant is called Pazzo and it replaces Linguini's, which we ate at once and enjoyed and then a few weeks later discovered it closed. Linguini's has re-opened as Pazzo and it opens at 4 pm on Sunday, so we didn't get to poke our heads inside -- we just peered through the windows but we didn't see much!!

We moved on to Blue Horse Coffee, a coffee house in Mt. Lebanon on Route 19 next to the BP across from The Galleria. According to some polls, they are voted the 'best coffeehouse' in Pittsburgh. They serve Capogiro Gelato, which is rated one of the ten best ice cream shops in the USA by Bon Appetit. Of course we each had to get a small serving! SP chose coconut. I chose Mexican Coffee (coffee & kahlua) after sampling both that flavor and Cappuccino Stracciatella (coffee gelato with chocolate couverature).

I also got a small decaf latte and SP got iced tea. I had a pretty design on my latte - I almost didn't want to drink it!!!We both enjoyed our gelatos. So rich and flavorful and creamy. Yum!!

Dinner on Sunday was burgers. Beef burger for me, turkey burger for SP. He added some jalapeno to his ground turkey when he made the burgers. We tried to enjoy the fall-like weather out on the deck, but it was breezy in just the right direction that no matter what we did, the grill would not stay lit and would not heat up. SP managed to get some onions and flying saucer squash cooked enough on the grill: But we were forced to cook our burgers inside on my little, 9 years old George Foreman grill, which probably hadn't been used in 5 or 6 years!!It worked pretty well although our burgers came out a bit blacker on the top & bottom than we would have liked. That may be less the fault of the grill and more the fault of 2 people who kept wandering off to get other parts of the meal ready and didn't pay too much attention to how long the burgers had actually been cooking!!! Plus, we really had no idea how long to cook them on the Foreman grill.

We sliced some cheeses, avocado, and heirloom tomato; got out the leftover BBQ sauce and salsa verde; and cooked turkey bacon to add to our burgers.

SP's burger:

My burger:
The burgers were tasty but messy!!!

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