Sunday, August 9, 2009

Death By Fries (Back to Bocktown)

**Revised - Better photos? Maybe a bit brighter but not clearer! I think I'll start taking my 'real' camera with me!**

In our CSA box this past week was an issue of Edible Allegheny. Inside was an article about Bocktown Beer & Grill. SP & I have been there a few times, SP's dad frequently eats there for lunch with co-workers, and my family went there after my grandpa's funeral. My dad saw the article and said,"I wouldn't mind going back there before I leave."

When it became clear that dad had finished his business in Pittsburgh and he after made his flight reservation to return to Las Vegas, we decided that for his last dinner in Pittsburgh we would return to Bocktown. We called up SP's dad and he joined us for beers and dinner last night.
The 3 men ordered beer and I had iced tea. Yesterday's 'On Tap' menu: SP & I were tossing around the idea of splitting the Portabella Devonshire for an appetizer, but then SP's dad suggested the Fresh Cut Fries and the idea of getting the Portabella Devonshire ingredients as toppings on the fries. This sounded like a good idea.

Then SP's dad had another idea - why not order 'The Yinzer' size, just for the entertainment value. 'The Yinzer' portion is, if I recall from the last time I was there and inquired, something like 5 pounds of fries. Yikes! But, sure, let's get it.

When 'The Yinzer' arrived at the table and was placed atop a pizza stand, I wasn't sure whether to be amused or horrified!!! Wow - a lot of fries!!! A woman at a nearby table kept glancing over - I think she was torn between amused and horrified as well!!!

Unfortunately, I had only my cell phone to photograph the pile of fries. No flash and since it was evening, the restaurant was darker than the last time we were there (for lunch). I really need to start taking a real camera to restaurants! The photos are too dark, but hopefully from these three photos you can get an idea of how big it was!Our toppings: beer cheese, feta, portabellas, capicola, and jalapenos. We ate fries. And ate fries. And drank beer. And ate more fries. It felt like we were in a Man V. Food challenge! And just when we were feeling over stuffed, our meals arrived.

I ordered the Roast Beef Dip. It was very tasty, but since I was in a Yinzer Size Fresh Cut Fry coma, I ate about one quarter of it and brought the rest home. My dad had the fish sandwich. He ended up ignoring the bun and just eating the fish! He said it was good fish.SP ordered a special of the day - a spinach and chicken salad with bacon, feta, tomatoes, and other stuff. It looked yummy. He was only able to eat about half of it!SP"s dad got The Rachel. He enjoyed it, but like the rest of us, took part of it home!
Dessert? Well despite Lemon Cloud Cake, Mango Raspberry Cake, and Molten Chocolate Cake sounding yummy, there was no way we could eat dessert!!!

Our waitress was terrific - I really like the servers we've had a Bocktown. They are very friendly, knowledgeable when you ask questions about food and beer. And, when my meal didn't arrive with the other meals, she explained that she thought my bun didn't look good so she asked the kitchen to make me a new bun for my sandwich.

We lumbered home. My dad went to bed soon after - his flight departed this morning at 7 am so he had to get up very early. SP & I plopped on the couch and had some hot tea while watching some recorded TV.

I think the French Fry Coma has worn off now...


  1. You should do some color correction on these in the future - they still don't look great by any stretch of the imagination but I managed to eke out a half-viewable image from most of those shots by applying auto-levels (and then hand-shaping the levels curve) in the GIMP. :)

  2. For example:

    Clicky (I can't directly post the image but only a link to it).

  3. uhhh... I'm not good at that kind of stuff! I need help! Better, I need to give that kind of assignment to SP!!! Or maybe just start taking the good camera to dinners!

  4. Thanks for the great review, and yes, the beer belly size is fine for three people to share! Especially when you have more food coming...

    I have been twittering all sorts of stuff from Bocktown (bocktowntapshot), and have some problems with camera phone too, and I have a BB Storm with superpowers! Use something to really steady yourself if you are going to use your phone for lower light pictures. The phone makes it so easy to upload the pictures!