Monday, August 31, 2009


Today was a long day. SP was off of work because we both had doctor appointments in Oakland. We set off around 10:45 am and were happy that there was not a lot of Parkway West traffic. First up: SP's 11:40 am doctor appointment. After we finished with that doctor, we had a quick lunch break -- we packed lunch and bottled water along with books and magazines because we knew were going to be at various UPMC offices all day!!!

Next up: SP's 1:30 pm appointment, which amazingly happened on time and was quick. Then we had to waste an hour until my 3 pm appointment, which was not on time and we had to amuse ourselves with more reading in the waiting room. Waiting. And waiting. For half an hour. Grrrr.

After that appointment, there was much confusion over where I was supposed to go for my last test (and by that I mean 4 sources told us 4 different places) but finally it was sorted out and around 4:45 pm we were out of UPMC - YAY! Nearly 6 hours wandering and waiting in Falk, Presby, and Montefiore on such a beautiful and sunny day was not fun!

Unfortunately, we hit evening traffic on our way to a friend's house (so that SP could try to heal her ailing computer). It took him much longer than we expected, and there's still work to be done.

At that point, it was 7 pm. We were tired. We were hungry. Who wants to go home and start cooking after a day like that? Not us. We decided to stop at DiBella's Old Fashioned Submarines to grab dinner. SP ran in and got our subs, we hurried home, fed the cats, and fed ourselves. It was a feeding frenzy. A total snarf-fest.

SP devoured a spicy ham sub with hot/banana peppers and spicy mustard:
I had a cheesesteak:Yum.

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