Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fried Flowers

Tonight we ate the CSA squash blossoms. This was the first time I've ever eaten squash blossoms let alone cooked them. It was definitely a learning experience!!

After splitting the CSA goodies with CSA brother, we were left with 3 blossoms. First, I carefully and thoroughly washed the blossoms inside and out. Then I gingerly patted them dry.

Next, I put a couple spoonfuls of ricotta in a bowl, washed some of the CSA lemon basil, chopped the basil, added it to the ricotta along with some pepper, and mixed it all together.

Then it was time to stuff the blossoms. I wanted to use all the yummy ricotta-basil mixture, so it's entirely possible I stuffed the blossoms too much. It was a bit tricky to twist the petals closed and some ricotta seemed to peek out. Oh well - in my book, cheese is a good thing!!I briefly considered getting out the newly purchased kitchen twine to tie the blossoms closed!!

Next, I cracked an egg into a small bowl and whisked it. I put a couple spoonfuls of flour into a bowl. I dredged each blossom in flour, then egg, then flour again. This was even trickier than stuffing the blossoms! The twist wanted to unravel, I was worried about them being too eggy since egg mixture seemed to be entering the inside of the blossom and reaching the ricotta, I couldn't decide if there was too little/too much flour, and some of the flour seemed to absorb into the egg... help!!!! SP was so looking forward to these and I feared a horrible, soggy, sloppy mess!I heated some olive oil in a small frying pan - enough to cover the bottom but not enough for the blossoms to float. When SP got home, I made him fry the blossoms!! I was afraid I'd completely un-twist and mangle the blossoms!They didn't take very long to brown - I'm not sure exactly how long because we were also monitoring corn and getting other food ready.We each got to try a blossom. I liked it! I wouldn't seek out the blossoms, but if they arrive in the CSA box, I'll eat them. They didn't taste fuzzy (the petals seemed a bit fuzzy to touch) or flowery - they simply tasted like squash with ricotta!! SP said he liked his blossom.

And dad said his 'fried flower' was tastier than he expected. Of course, he was more interested in the CSA sweet corm. Dad loves corn on the cob. So does SP. I don't eat it. I pulled off the husks and all those annoying strings/hairs, dad boiled the water and supervised the corn, and SP and dad enjoyed their corn so much there's talk of going to the nearby Thursday afternoon Farmers Market tomorrow for more corn.

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