Sunday, August 2, 2009


**Update: CSA Brother sent me the webpage: Gullifty's is here.

Last night we went to Gullifty's for ZSO's birthday dinner. The webpage for Gullifty's 'cannot be found' but I found a menu and linked to that.

When I was growing up, my family often ate at Gullifty's in Caste Village in Castle Shannon. I remember really enjoying our family meals there, especially desserts. That location closed many years ago. Gullifty's is in Squirrel Hill, conveniently close to Te Cafe!!

SP & I had some errands to run before dinner and we ended up arriving in Squirrel Hill quite early. My dad came to dinner with us, so the three of us decided to go in and have a drink while waiting for everyone else to arrive. There were ten of us and Gullifty's takes reservations for large groups. Our table was already ready, even though we were 45 minutes early, so instead of sitting in the bar, we just sat at the table for ten!

I studied the drink menu for quite a while - there are a lot of mixed drink choices, 5-7 red wines and the same number of white wines by the glass, a lot of beer options. SP ordered a Sam Adams beer, I ordered a glass of Yellow Tail Shiraz, and dad ordered a margarita.

We sipped our drinks and chatted and by 6:15 everyone else was there. For appetizers, SP, the two dads, and I split orders of fried zucchini and pulled pork nachos. The zucchini was yummy and served with a sour cream/horseradish sauce, not a marinara sauce. It also wasn't thin strips or chunks but large 'slabs' of zucchini.The pulled pork nachos were also tasty. Dad and I picked off the jalapenos, which SP & his dad happily devoured. For our meal, my dad & I split a pizza. It's an individual pizza, but after the appetizers and with the prospect of dessert, it was just the right size for dad & I. We chose pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives for toppings. We both really enjoyed the pizza - quite tasty. Good crust and sauce. A good amount of cheese.

SP ordered something I think is called Eggplant Melt. On the bottom is breaded eggplant. The eggplant is topped with cheeses, red sauce, and veggies like tomatoes, artichokes, olives, and others. It comes with a slice of garlic bread. He really liked it. He describes it as 'souped up eggplant parmesan.'

SP's dad ordered the Wild Mushroom Pasta dish and said it was very tasty.

clockwise from top: pizza, wild mushroom pasta, eggplant melt
I didn't take photos of the other meals, but ZSO ordered chicken tenders and substituted rolls for the fries, Z ordered a white pizza. CSA brother had a chicken salad. SL ordered the chicken parmesan and SLSO had something that looked like rice and broccoli and something else - I couldn't quite see.

Everyone except CSA brother ordered dessert. SLSO & I chose Chocolate Intemperance - a very rich, dense concoction of brownie crust, chocolate and coffee mousse coated with a bitter sweet chocolate ganache and topped with whipped cream. For me, it was quite rich so I ate only half and brought the other half home.

My dad had Key Lime Pie, which he really enjoyed. It had a graham cracker crust (I've seen some with a regular pie crust).

SP & Z had carrot cake. It was more than just plain old carrot cake - it had some raisins, nuts, a caramel-like filling, coconut sprinkled on the icing. SP ate it all and said it was 'excellent.'

SP's dad and SL ordered Coconut Cream Pie. SP's dad said it definitely had lots of cream to it. SP tasted it and said it was 'very tasty.'

ZSO, the birthday boy, had Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and enjoyed it very much.
clockwise from top L: Chocolate Intemperance, Key Lime Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Chocolate Chop Cheesecake, Carrot Cake

Gullifty's is a good choice for a not too expensive meal. The menu is pizza, sandwiches, pastas, and a few BBQ dishes. The desserts are tasty (though I feel like my Chocolate Intemperance wasn't quite as tasty as the last time I was there). There's not much 'ambiance' - just a room with tables and chairs and a stage area for live music -- but it's not a place you choose for ambiance.

After dinner, we asked SP's dad to drop my dad off on his way home so that SP & I could go to Te Cafe. My dad didn't want to hang out in a tea cafe! There were only a couple other people there when we went in - which was quite nice since the last few times we've gone it's been crowded and we weren't able to get a table. We noticed that they added some extra seating. We got our tea to go since I can never drink super hot tea - I usually need to wait 10-15 minutes for my hot tea to cool before I can start sipping! I chose the pear black tea and SP chose gyokura tea. We sat and relaxed and flipped through a book on green tea before heading home. SP finished his tea and as expected, I still had half of mine to drink when we left. A very nice ending to the day.


  1. No web search engines seem to have crawled it as of yet but I noted their current website address yesterday, as it was listed on the specials sheet.

  2. BTW, Caste Village is in Whitehall, Pa. not Castle Shannon, Pa.