Monday, August 3, 2009

Lamb, CSA Goodies, & Apple Dessert

Last night, SP grilled lamb marinated in our usual, yummy marinade (mustard-red wine-rosemary-vegetable oil). We were a little worried in the morning because it was raining, but by 5 pm it was a bit sunny, less humid, maybe even a tad cool out on the deck. Good grilling weather.

SP got the lamb on the grill and then we opened a bottle of Coppola Shiraz. Shiraz is my favorite red wine, and usually the Coppola wines are pretty good.

For our side dishes, we raided the CSA goodies. We used all our CSA potatoes - there was a medley of red, white, and we even found purple potatoes. SP chopped them, mixed them with some chopped CSA onion, seasoned the mixture with seasoned salt and thyme, bundled it all in foil, and cooked the foil package on the grill. Yum!!!
We washed the CSA salad mix and added some veggies from Costco: tomatoes, cucumber, and red pepper. We tried to use the CSA lemon cucumber, but when SP sliced/tasted it, it was way too soft, so he tossed it out. I wish we had eaten it right away - I would have liked to compare the lemon cucumber taste to a regular cucumber. Oh well. Next time.We didn't make salad dressing last night - we used the store bought bottles in the refrigerator. My dad chose the French dressing while SP & I chose the Green Olive & Tomato dressing we bought in GA. The Green Olive-Tomato dressing is tasty, but I use only a very small amount - it has a strong flavor.

After eating lots of yummy grilled lamb with potatoes and salad, it was time for dessert:
SP decided to peel, core, and chop our CSA apples. He mixed them with a bit of butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, bundled the mixture in foil, and tossed it on the grill to cook while we enjoyed dinner. After clearing the table, we each got our hot or iced tea and enjoyed some tasty apple dessert topped with whipped cream. It was sooo good!!!

We were wishing we had some vanilla ice cream to eat with the apple mixture! The apples cooked down and got very mushy. It wasn't mushy like an applesauce, or even a chunky applesauce, but it wasn't as 'hard' as a baked apple. It would have been perfect spooned over ice cream! I can see us making this for dessert a lot in the fall - I love the taste of baked/grilled apples with cinnamon and brown sugar on fall evenings.

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