Saturday, August 1, 2009

LuLu's Noodles & 'Knowing'

Last night SP brought home take out food from LuLu's Noodles in Oakland. This was my second time eating LuLu's food. SP has eaten LuLu's noodles many times.

For a starter, we shared an order of gyoza. When I lived in Japan, I ate many, many gyoza for lunch, usually with a bowl of rice. I love gyoza. LuLu's gyoza are pretty good. There were 4 gyoza with a dipping sauce. Warning: don't spill the special soy sauce on your kitchen floor because there's something greasy in it that just won't come off the floor!!! We have now wiped the floor about 7 times and it's still there!! SP also got an order of seaweed salad, which he devoured and declared tasty.

For my meal, I ordered the classic lo mein with BBQ pork. It was quite tasty. The noodles weren't just spaghetti noodles, like what some places use. It did have a bit of a spicy taste, a bit of a kick of something to my taste buds. Maybe a lot of pepper? I'm not sure if it was the noodle sauce or the pork. I have to say that although I thought the noodles were tasty, they aren't sitting too well in my stomach and for that reason I would not order them again. But note - I am a spice wimp and I have a very sensitive, delicate digestive system!SP ordered udon with the seafood combo. The combo was shrimp, crab, and white fish. He said if he got it again, he would choose squid instead. But he slurped up all of his udon and broth. I tried one noodle. I'm not sure these noodles are authentic udon noodles - they seemed a little too squishy, a little too white, a little too fat, and I am not sure I really would like a whole order for myself. My days in Japan were many years ago so maybe I just don't remember udon correctly. These just didn't seem quite right.Here's what happens when you try to move an udon noodle from SP's bowl to my plate, using both a fork and chopsticks:Oops. Fat, white worm on the table. Slippery suckers, those udon noodles.

LuLu's is definitely a good choice for decent noodles at a cheap price. I wouldn't say these are the best noodles ever, but they certainly aren't the worst.

After dinner, we snuggled on the couch with some fudge and hot tea and watched Knowing. It was a little spookier and less action filled than I expected!! SP predicted every thing but he enjoyed the number stuff. We decided it was definitely worth a Netflix-ing but not worth a theater trip. It didn't quite end the way I expected, but that's not a bad thing.

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