Thursday, August 6, 2009

Raccoon Update

That darn Randy.

Yes, I named the raccoon. I've named almost all our critters.

Randy somehow got under the deck and through the door or roof to the (supposedly) sealed off trash can area, attacked our trash, and left us a nice trash surprise on the deck steps. I really hope he didn't bust up the deck. We haven't fully investigated yet.


Randy. He's in trouble. One more stunt and I just might be calling Critter Control.

At least it was actual trash and not poop. Is that an improvement? Or am I just so overwhelmed with the bad homeowner things going on that I've lost perspective?

Oh wait - I hear the monster - er, refrigerator - moaning. Maybe we should record that, make a continuous loop, and play it out on the deck all night long. Maybe that would scare off Randy. Because the Critter Rid sprinkle sure didn't.

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