Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rotisserie Chicken, Potato Salad, & Grilled Zucchini

Tonight we used the grill rotisserie for the second time. We again did a chicken – and again used our usual seasoning of salt with lemon and orange zest and a lemon inside. This time, SP was prepared with newly purchased kitchen twine and he trussed up the chicken so there wouldn’t be any rotisserie mishaps like last time!We also grilled the CSA zucchini. Yum!

And, we made potato salad.

We decided we didn’t want a mayonnaise potato salad (I don’t really like mayonnaise salads) so we consulted The Joy of Cooking and decided to loosely follow the French Potato Salad recipe. SP cut the potatoes before cooking them. He didn’t peel them since he really likes the skin. This is different from how I learned to make potato salad from my grandma – grandma always cooked her potatoes whole, then peeled them, then diced them. It really doesn’t matter which way you prepare the potatoes.After draining the potatoes, while they are still warm, the vinegar is added so that the potatoes can absorb the vinegar. It reminded me of the German Potato Salad we make, only instead of eating it warm from the oven, we let it ‘cool’ to room temperature and mixed in onion, celery, egg, parsley, and dill. It was delicious! No dessert tonight! After dinner, I was busy talking to my parents, then my brother and his family (my 4 year old nephew told me all about his weekend camping trip and about attending pre-K while my niece told me about her first day of 5th grade), and then my friend T. Plus, this evening SP has been helping me change/add some parts of this blog (my computer skills do not match his!) while starting his own blog. A very busy evening!

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