Monday, August 24, 2009

Tacos & Homemade Salsa Verde

Once again, it was taco night. This time, SP made salsa verde using the garlic, jalapenos, onion, and tomatillos from last week's CSA box. Here's his veggies washed and ready for the grill:Here they are on the grill, filling the air with delicious aromas:SP also grilled a tomato but didn't put it in his salsa.

While the salsa verde ingredients were grilling, he made each of us a cocktail. For himself, a margarita in a martini glass, no salt! For me, a mix of lemon simple syrup, lemon juice, triple sec, and vanilla vodka - it was an interesting combination and tasted good but it wasn't one of my favorites; I prefer the 'orange thing' he usually makes but we didn't have oranges!
I sat in the sun room, reading a magazine and sipping my martini while I listened to SP chop veggies and blend his salsa verde in the food processor. In addition to the grilled ingredients, he added dried cilantro and lime.He also cooked and seasoned the taco meats. As usual, ground turkey for him and ground beef for me. As usual, he raided the spice rack for his meat seasonings:I opted for a boring, pre-made, and not very spicy seasoning:For taco stuffing ingredients, we had bowls of grilled tomato, chopped heirloom tomato, diced avocado, shredded cheddar, shredded jack-colby, black olives, sour cream, cucumber, lettuce, and a bottle of mild taco sauce.And as usual, I couldn't make a proper taco - I ended up with everything cut up and mixed together on my plate, a kind of crazy taco salad, while SP managed to make cute, neat, proper tacos.A delicious dinner but lots of clean up with the food processor, 2 skillets, all those little bowls, spoons, knives, colanders, cutting board... Sometimes what seems like a simple, quick, easy meal - like tacos - turns into a meal with lots of prep and clean up for us!!

A special thanks to SP who not only did all the cooking and prep work but also took all the photos.


  1. Sigh... I'm so jealous you have someone to cook for you. I need one of those. :)

  2. And he likes cooking! And he's good at it! I am indeed lucky!