Monday, August 10, 2009

Thanks, SP!!!

SP spent a long, long time yesterday playing with Blogger and trying to 'pretty up' my blog. He got very frustrated with Blogger but in the end, he prevailed. I never doubted he would - he's very good with computer stuff (he majored in computer engineering at CMU - he's a very smart computer geek and he always patiently and in non-geek terms explains stuff to me, the Japanese major who used to run away from computers in fear!!!!).

Ever since starting this blog last April, I've wanted photos in the header, but Blogger would only let me choose to place a photo 'instead of the blog title & description' or place a photo 'behind the blog title & description' (which stretches out the photo). And note, a photo. Not photos. Grrr!!!

Neither option appealed to me. So I dumped a bunch of photos we've taken onto the server (yes, SP is a total computer geek and we have 4-5 computers in the house plus this server thingy set up in the laundry room that I never, ever go near for fear of messing up something - all I know is that it's a convenient back up for all my photos and genealogy research and that if I put stuff there SP can access it and if I ever mess it up he'll be very, very angry). Then I told SP to work his magic!!

Apparently, this magic involved using Photoshop and turning all the photos into one image and adding the blog title & description to the one image. First, we had 2 rows of photos with the blog title in the center but it was way too high and hogged half the screen so we made one row of tiny photos and put the blog title & description underneath. Now there's some nice color at the top of the blog and not just boring blue!

He also added a third 'column' on the left of the blog so I can list books I have in my reading pile and movies in the Netflix pile.

So many, many thanks to SP!!! He's the best!

I guess now I just have to learn how to brighten up those cell phone photos...

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