Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clean Out the Freezer Dinner

We've been trying to empty out the freezer, not just because we haven't resolved the refrigerator issue, but also because we've recently found things that were waaaay expired lurking in the freezer (a bag of frozen scallops dated 'use by 10 October 2008' - yikes!!!). To be fair, they had fallen down in the back of the freezer behind a lot of stuff and weren't easily visible.

We also need to stay on top of our produce - I think there's a beet or beet greens in the crisper that are starting to get funky. So I got all the potatoes from the pantry: CSA potatoes and leftover potatoes from a store-bought bag. The store potatoes were starting to sprout, so I decided to peel them. I chopped the potatoes, placed them in a casserole dish, sprinkled them with salt & pepper, drizzled on some olive oil, and then sprinkled them with thyme. I mixed it up so every potato chunk was coated with some oil & thyme and tossed the casserole in the oven at 400. I opted for 400 because it was 6:30 pm when I finally got the potatoes in the oven and I was thinking that SP would be home around 7 pm and that it'd take until 7:20 to grill the grill goodies. Fifty minutes could be a little of the short time at a lower temperature. I like my roasted potatoes soft! They ended up roasting until 7:45 pm and then staying in the oven on 'auto warm' for another half hour. Happily, they were not too mushy and the extra long roast time let nearly all the potatoes crisp up nice & brown.Next I sliced our CSA eggplant and set it aside for SP. I like to try to keep the slices stacked to minimize the amount exposed to air since sometimes eggplant can start to turn brown, like potatoes.I think SP finally got home around 7:30 pm last night so dinner was quite late! He finished grilling in the dark since the sun sets much earlier these days - I think it was 8:15 pm by the time we sat down to our meal!

SP grilled last of the salmon and two pork chops from our freezer stash. The salmon was for him and he brushed on some of our bottled sun-dried tomato marinade. The pork chops were for me and he brushed them with some of the leftover homemade BBQ sauce from a week or two ago.

He also grilled our CSA eggplant. First he brushed them with a bit of olive oil and then after they had cooked for a while he brushed the slices with the bottled sun-dried tomato marinade.A tasty Wednesday evening meal. I have a pork chop and potatoes leftover for tonight while he plans to eat CSA corn and a container of homemade chili from the freezer.

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