Friday, September 11, 2009

Fried Rice & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tonight was Fried Rice night. I was in charge of the rice. I made white rice for myself and brown rice for SP. While the rices were cooking, I shredded some carrots. When SP got home, he scrambled some eggs and put together the fried rice. We added frozen peas, frozen shrimp, a red pepper, and soy sauce as well as the shredded carrot and scrambled egg. Yum!After dinner SP made chocolate chip cookies. There aren't any photos of the baking process - I was on the computer and there was some kind of iced tea mishap so SP forgot to take photos. I took a couple when I wandered into the kitchen to check on the cookies. Nothing fancy, just the Toll House recipe, but gosh these are some yummy cookies!

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