Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Steelers!

I remember Sundays when I was a little girl: my parents would be watching football in the living room, drinking wine, and cheering for the Steelers. If I was lucky, when I ventured into the living room, bored with my toys and annoyed with my little brother, I'd be allowed to have a wee sip of wine while watching 2 or 3 plays. My parents always cheered, or groaned, loudly and they explained the game to me.

I was a little girl in the 1970's. I remember when I was 4-5 years old and the Steelers won their first 2 Super Bowls. I remember everyone going to grandma's for the Big Game. I remember being allowed to write my name in some squares on a grid and putting some of my hard earned allowance money in a jar and then - wow!!! I won some money simply by putting my name in a good square!!! There was special Steelers food and everyone sat in the living room with plates of food balanced on their laps or on metal dinner tray tables because you didn't want to miss any of the game.

I remember when they won their next 2 Super Bowls. I remember my brother getting a Terrible Towel and being jealous because I didn't have one. I remember the Mean Joe Green commercial. I remember the Steelers Fight Song. How could I not? It was what the music teacher had us sing in music class. I remember Sundays at church and the congregation fidgeting and glancing at watches when the reverend's sermon went on a bit too long and it would start to look as if you wouldn't get home in time for kick-off.

I remember my freshman year of college, the start of the season, going down to the dorm's TV lounge and putting on the game. It was just me for a while, trying to read my astronomy textbook while watching the game. Slowly, other people came into lounge - all boys. I was the only girl. And only Steelers fan. My school, despite being in central PA, seemed to have far more Eagles fans. After that first day of being an outcast (a girl AND a Steelers fan) I gave up on the dorm TV for games and stuck to reading the newspaper for my Steelers news.

After college, I lived in Japan for a year. The Steelers weren't in the Super Bowl that year, but such is my love of football that I called in sick to work and stayed home to watch the big game on TV.

I was on the west coast for graduate school when the 49ers won the Super Bowl. My roommate liked football, too, and she was from San Francisco so there were many Sundays spent watching football instead of studying.

Then I moved back to Pittsburgh. My girlfriend L and I would watch the games together. We would get together at one of our apartments and use the game as an excuse to order pizza or Chinese and eat entire bags of cheese puffs or Doritos. I remember the party L had for the Super Bowl the year O'Donnell kept throwing the ball to the Dallas Cowgirls. That wasn't much fun.

I remember the 5th Super Bowl win - the one when I was still trying to recover from my broken femur so I watched in my apartment with my parents. My mom and I made black & gold cupcakes for dessert.

And I remember last February almost crying when Larry Fitzgerald scored that TD (how could a former Pitt player do that to my Pittsburgh Steelers?!!). And then, a short time later, the Santonio touchdown. I think we yelled so loud the cats jumped 6 feet in the air. And since Santonio is my mom's favorite player, I immediately called my parents in Vegas and listened to my dad laugh at my mom, who kept yelling that her favorite player was the hero.

I don't ever remember not being a Steelers fan.

All of this means one thing: I'm so totally ready for some football. I've got my Polamalu jersey out. SP has his Heath Miller jersey out. I have my Terrible Towel ready for waving, my smasher football is ready for smashing, my back & gold scarf is draped on the couch, and my iced tea is in the Steelers glass.

Go Steelers!!

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