Monday, September 28, 2009

Homemade Macaroni & Cheese

Yesterday we made homemade macaroni & cheese. Yum! Fortunately, we were occupied making dinner during the Steelers game, so we didn't pay too much attention to the Steelers losing to the Bungles (although it was on the TV). Sigh. Where's my Super Bowl team?!

Back to the food. We opened a bottle of Coppola Sauvignon Blanc and sipped and savored while preparing a tasty dinner. When we make homemade macaroni & cheese, we use the macaroni & cheese recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, page 160 (yes, I know the page number). Our BHG cookbook is an old version - we each had a copy of it when we moved in together, each copy was lovingly worn and torn. Mine was held together by rubber bands so I think we tossed my copy and kept SP's copy. It's an older, paperback version, not the more current 3-ring binder style version.

The recipe is very simple: cook elbow pasta; make sauce of milk, butter, flour, onions, cheese; add elbows; dump into casserole; bake until bubbly. We always add tomato slices on top.

Yesterday, we also added homemade bread crumbs. We're still trying to finish off a few freezer items, one of which was a loaf of Wonder bread. Neither of us will eat Wonder bread. It was bought, along with grape jelly, back in July for visiting niece/nephews, but unfortunately, no one ate any Wonder bread so we were 'lucky' enough to have an entire loaf!!! First we planned to make stuffing out of the bread but then we decided to toast the slices and grind them in the food processor to make bread crumbs.

We sprinkled some of the homemade Wonder bread crumbs on the mac & cheese and then put the rest of the breadcrumbs into the freezer.

To go with our mac & cheese, we made a small ham:sauteed kale with onions:and green beans (from the freezer!): What a tasty dinner! A very simple yet satisfying meal.

After dinner, we cuddled up on the couch and watched Amazing Race. We love the show! The tasks are sometimes so funny - like watching them try to herd the ducks or last season when contestants had to move huge wheels of cheese down a hill and there were lots of shots of runaway cheese wheels!!! We don't have a favorite team yet, but we have 2 non-favorite teams: the muscle-y lawyer & his wife and the female poker players.

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