Saturday, September 26, 2009

'The Informant!' & Sesame Inn

Yesterday was Friday, and since SP worked last Sunday, he was off yesterday. Hooray! So after a Thursday night of new TV and watching G20 coverage, we slept in late on Friday. We had a leisurely morning & brunch then headed out.

First stop, the DMV. It was time for me to get a new photo license. It was the first time I've ever had to wait at the DMV to get my photo license!! SP was laughing at me because he doesn't remember ever not waiting and I was a bit grumpy about the wait! It wasn't too horrible, maybe 10-15 minutes.

Then we were off for fun! We went to see The Informant! We arrived early for the movie, so we had some time to waste. We stopped at the nearby Starbucks for iced tea (SP), a decaf latte (me), and a slice of pumpkin loaf - and then we smuggled it all in! Shh! Don't tell anyone! I am not a fan of soda, popcorn, typical movie food. The latte was tasty & warming and the slice of pumpkin loaf was deliciously pumpkin-y and moist. Yum!

I really enjoyed the movie, although it took a while for me to sort out what was really going on! Matt Damon does a terrific job.

Somewhat humorous side note: we were in the exact same theater as when we saw 9 and again there was a SNORER. Something about that particular theater room... But at least it wasn't quite as loud nor did it go on for the entire movie!

After the movie, we decided to get dinner at Sesame Inn. We went to the one in McMurray. I haven't been to Sesame Inn in many years - probably 6-7 years. We were seated right away and our water glasses filled. SP asked for tea and they brought a pot of oolong tea, which SP loves. Oolong isn't a favorite tea of mine. SP also asked for fried noodles and they brought a plate - I love fried noodles. They didn't last too long!!!We started off by sharing an order of fried pork dumplings and SP had a bowl of Hot & Sour Soup. There were 6 dumplings and some tasty soy dipping sauce. The pork was cooked (I ate dumplings at one Chinese restaurant, they weren't completely cooked, and I got very, very sick so well-cooked dumplings are very important to me!). The dough seemed a bit thick, but the exterior was nicely crisped and the dough part not too doughy. These were tasty dumplings. SP enjoyed his soup. I thought it smelled gross!!! Probably the spices since the menu indicates it is a hot & spicy dish. For our main course, we shared orders of Double Delight (shrimp & chicken sauteed with vegetables in a rich brown sauce) and BBQ Pork Lo Mein.

The Double Delight was delicious! There were lovely chunks of red pepper, zucchini and mushrooms as well as the baby corn. I would definitely get this again.The Lo Mein noodles were tasty, too, but not as tasty as other lo meins I've eaten and I couldn't help but wonder if the noodles were real Chinese noodles or regular vermicelli-type noodles. There were terrific large slices of mushrooms and long shreds of carrot - very nice - and it wasn't greasy like some lo meins I've eaten. Just not sure I would get the lo mein again.The fried noodles, dumplings, and Double Delight are are tasty and I'd definitely go back for those dishes!

After we got home, we changed into our jammies and curled up on the couch with hot tea and Milano cookies. We watched Battle for Terra, which was just an OK movie. I was tired enough/full enough and the movie 'boring' enough that I nodded off at one point. The creatures were a little disconcerting because they moved as if they were swimming in water, yet they didn't live in water.

We also watched the premiere episode of Flash Forward which we both found really intriguing and will continue to watch. Kind of like Lost with the present day & future scenes and trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

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