Sunday, September 13, 2009

'9' & Atria's

Yesterday SP & I went to see '9.' We really enjoyed it! Animated movies are almost always fun and the little burlap 'stitchpunk' puppet people were so cute! SP loves animated movies, especially ones in which Tim Burton is involved in some way.

One complaint: the movie would have been so much more enjoyable if 2 people hadn't entered the dark theater 10 minutes into the movie (not previews, movie) and if one of them hadn't proceeded to hack up a lung for the next five minutes and then promptly fallen asleep and SNORED LOUDLY for the rest of the movie! So RUDE! Everyone in the theater was getting annoyed - turning around and shooting evil glances their way but NO! The snorer's companion did NOTHING to stop the snorer!!!!! AARRRGGGHHHH!

After the movie, we drove to Peters Township to eat at Atria's. There used to be one near us in Robinson, but sadly it changed into Ditka's. Atria's is a Pittsburgh chain.

As usual I apologize for the grainy cell phone photos. It also was very dim in the restaurant - 'mood lighting' - and it got dimmer as the evening went on! So a dark room + cell phone camera = very grainy and dark photos.

I decided to not have an alcoholic beverage despite being in Washington, not Allegheny, County so no Onorato drink tax. SP had a Blue Moon beer and we both had iced teas. The bread basket was filled with warm, white bread and butter.

Every year, Atria's celebrates Oktoberfest and this year's Oktoberfest just stared on September 9 so in addition to the regular menu, there's an Oktoberfest menu. We decided to share an appetizer: SCHWEIZER SCHÜBLIG ~ Swiss grilled sausage with bacon and cheese wrapped in a puffed pastry sleeve and served with stone ground mustard and kraut spätzle. It was HUGE! It could have been a meal!

The puff pastry sleeve snaked around half the plate. The spätzle took up the other half. In the center was the mustard. We both thought this was a very tasty appetizer. Then again, can you really go wrong with puff pastry, bacon, and stone ground mustard?!

SP had a cup of the House Sherry Crab Bisque, which he absolutely loves. I'm not sure if Atria's still has a gluten free menu, but back in the gluten allergy days, this soup was safe since it is (was?) gluten-free.

I ordered a house salad (greens, bacon, homemade croutons, chopped egg, chopped tomato, cheese) and chose blue cheese dressing. The homemade croutons are yummy and I really like that they are crunchy but not too hard the way some croutons are - the ones that need to sit in the dressing for a while to soften up. Not these ones.For my meal, I chose WIENER ZWIEBEL SCHNITZEL ~ tender hand breaded veal medallions with crisp fried onions served over traditional German potato cakes. This was HUGE. There were 3 potato pancakes, each topped with a veal medallion, and each topped with the onion straws and tomato slices. I brought half of it home for tomorrow's dinner!

I enjoyed this meal. I love potato pancakes, but some 'styles' are tastier than others, and some styles may not be considered 'real' potato pancakes. For me, these ones were the tasty style. The veal was tasty, too, lots of breaded and fried goodness. SP gave me a hard time for eating baby cow - as I was slicing the first medallion and raising the forkful of tender, young meat to my mouth he said, in a high pitched baby voice,"No please don't eat me I'm just a little baby cow. Please let me grow up." Too bad. I was not deterred. Baby cow is one of my favorite foods. Sorry. That's just the way it is. Just like lamb is one of my favorite foods.

SP ordered PAPRIKA HÄNDEL ~ hand breaded, fried chicken breast with fresh peppers in a creamy paprika sauce served over käse spätzle. He loved the spätzle - plump doughy blobs of goodness. He really liked his chicken and peppers, too. We brought home a dessert: brownie sundae. They packed the vanilla ice cream in a separate container for us and put the brownie and fudge topping in another container. SP ate some when we got home. The brownie is huge! SP said it was tasty.

All in all, a good meal. Our server was very good and friendly. SP's iced tea was regularly filled (he drinks 3-4 iced teas during a meal out). It's just too bad they closed the Atria's in Robinson because it is a bit of a drive for us now.

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  1. Thank you so much for such positive feedback about Atria's! Our Chef's work VERY hard during Oktoberfest and it so refreshing to see such wonderful feedback for their efforts! I just wanted to let you know that I passed along your blog to our whole company! Everyone is so appreciative of your nice comments!
    Thanks again!!!! Let us know next time you are in! Our Peters Township would love to meet you!!
    Thanks again!
    Your friends at Atria's!