Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paris 66 Bistro

Saturday evening we tried another of the restaurants on our 'to try' list: Paris 66 Bistro in East Liberty. It's down the street from the Whole Foods and the Kinko's/Dinette building. We parked in a metered lot behind the buildings where Paris 66 is located and had a short walk to the restaurant.

If I recall correctly from the articles I've read about Paris 66, it is owned by Lori and Frédéric Rongier. Frédéric is from Paris and comes from a family that has been in the crepe making business since 1905. Both the head chef and pastry chef are also from France.

It was a little before 6 pm when we arrived. We were immediately seated by a very friendly hostess (I think the hostess may have been owner Lori). I thought the interior was nice and cozy. I've never been to Paris, so I don't know if it really is authentic French, but since the owners are from France I would guess it is. The tables are covered with postcards and according to the website, the postcards are postcards of Paris that formerly belonged to Frédéric's great-grandfather.

There's also an outdoor back patio. My only complaint is that it seemed a bit loud inside and SP and I had a bit of a difficult time talking/hearing each other!

Paris 66 is BYOB, but we did not BYOB. Instead, we enjoyed water from the carafe left on the table and iced tea with lemon.
SP opted for La crepe Marais, a buckwheat flour crepe topped with sun dried tomatoes, salade, sour cream with fine herbs, walnuts, and raisins. He chose soup to accompany his crepe and opted for the soup du jour potato & leek soup over the French onion soup.I chose the Quiche du Jour (quiche with eggplant, zucchini, and tomato) and I opted for salad with the house vinagraitte dressing as my accompaniment.When our food arrived, we halved the quiche and crepe and traded! I really enjoyed the quiche. It wasn't too watery. I especially loved the crust. So flaky and tasty and buttery. It seemed like the quiche was made in a tart pan and not pie pan. It doesn't matter to me - it was yummy!!! My salad was also very tasty - lots of greens and sun-dried tomatoes.

I enjoyed SP's crepe, but discovered I am not a fan of buckwheat flour taste. The herbed sour cream and veggie topping were fantastic. I didn't try his soup but he reports that it was delicious - less creamy & more brothy than he would have expected, but that's a good thing to him.

Of course we had to try a sweet crepe for dessert. We decided to share the L’Etiollaise: butter, lemon and sugar with whipped cream. There was cinnamon sprinkled on the whipped cream.Oh my gosh this was delicious. It didn't not last long on the plate. After we devoured it, I seriously contemplated ordering another dessert crepe, but in the end I controlled myself.

We both really enjoyed our meals. Service was a wee bit slow, but not that bad. It wasn't as crowded as we expected. For someone with a huge appetite, this might not be the best place for a dinner meal. The abundance of greens and goodies with crepe and quiche was enough for us. We will definitely be returning to Paris 66 - and BYOB-ing next time!!

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