Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pizza Night

SP shares Penguins season tickets with several friends. Tonight they are meeting at Church Brew Works for tasty treats and dividing up the tickets. SP hopes to get the tickets for the games at home against the NJ Devils. Sigh. I have a very hard time accepting that my sweetie prefers the Devils to the Penguins. At least he cheers for the Pens when they aren't playing the Devils. I'm pretty sure he's a lost cause. I'll never rid him of this NJ Devils and NY Giants stuff, but still... at this point in his life he has spent more of his life in Pittsburgh than in northern NJ, so I hold out hope that with enough time I will bring him entirely to the black & gold side.

So I was on my own for dinner tonight. In the spirit of using up freezer food, refrigerator food, and CSA stuff, I made a pizza using the last Boboli crust that was in the freezer.

Here's some of the toppings: leftover eggplant from the Tomato Eggplant Pie, CSA plum tomatoes & red pepper, and Kalamata olives (which are always in our refrigerator). I used sauce from a jar - Classico Plum Tomato sauce. The cheese is mozzarella.Here's a side shot of the pizza - I didn't realize the goodies were piling up so high!
A sprinkling of parmesan on top and into the oven at 450 for about 10 minutes.Here's the cooked pizza:The final touch: some CSA arugula scattered on top:
Mmmm this was a tasty pizza dinner, although I wish I had remembered to use some of our fresh basil. I didn't notice the eggplant much, but the kalamatas, red peppers, and arugula really pumped up the flavor. There were so many toppings that I got full rather quickly and couldn't finish the entire small Boboli pizza. There's a slice leftover for snacking.

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  1. Given how many Pittsburgh people live elsewhere but still root for the Steelers (to the point where just about every city has a "Steelers bar" somewhere!), I don't see why it should surprise anyone that OTHER loyalties can carry just as well... :)