Friday, September 4, 2009

Tomato Salad & Chocolate Pizzelles

Mmmmmm look at those yummy chocolate pizzelles... But first, dinner:

Last night we ate leftovers: pork chop & roasted potatoes for me, chili from the freezer for SP. I thought the plan was for SP to eat the CSA corn (I don't like corn on the cob) and I would eat the CSA tomatoes. SP again was late coming home and I was really hungry, so I decided to eat my tomatoes early. I washed and chopped the CSA grape tomatoes and sprinkled them with salt & pepper. I chopped some of last week's CSA fresh basil, which looked a little unappetizing since it was turning brown but it was still OK, and sprinkled it on top, then drizzled a bit of olive oil over it all. I also added some feta cheese and ate the salad while re-heating my pork chop & potatoes in the oven - yummy tomato salad!SP opted to not eat the corn and instead ate one of the heirloom tomatoes with basil. He was sad that I ate all the grape tomatoes because CSA brother, AKA Googer, recently blogged about tomato salad and how yummy the orange grape tomatoes were. SP didn't get to try any CSA orange grape tomatoes because I snarfed them all up. Sorry...

After dinner, I wanted dessert (of course). But we didn't have anything. We decided to bake chocolate chip cookies, but to my dismay we discovered that we are completely out of brown sugar. So we decided to make pizzelles.

Chocolate pizzelles. Please recall the Chocolate Pizzelle Disaster from May. SP was a bit apprehensive about trying chocolate pizzelles again. We decided on a different recipe, one that doesn't call for chopped chocolate because we suspect the chopped chocolate bits were the source of the disaster in May.

The ingredients: flour, baking powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsalted butter (melted), sugar, eggs, milk, and vanilla. Making the dough is the standard process: sift together dry ingredients, in separate bowl whisk butter and sugar, add the other wet ingredients to the butter & sugar mixture, add the wet ingredients to the sifted dry ingredients, mix, bake cookies.These turned out much, much better than last time. No sugary sweet cocoa krispie taste. No sticking to the pizzelle maker. No chiseling out small bits of cookie stuck to the press. No bits of cookie flying around the kitchen. Just tasty pizzelles, although I think next time I might use whole milk instead of skim milk.However, it seems we cannot make chocolate pizzelles without some sort of mishap: halfway through baking, the latch that holds down the top of the pizzelle maker while the pizzelles cook snapped off. Very disappointing since we just bought the pizzelle maker at the end of April. We tried placing a heavy mug on top to keep the lid firmly shut, but it just wasn't enough weight so SP ended up sitting next to the pizzelle maker, pressing firmly for the remainder of the cookie making. Grrrr.After we cleaned up, we settled on the couch with pizzelles and tea, watched a bit of the meaningless Steelers game, watched a recorded Man V. Food, and read a bit -- yesterday in the mail we received the new issues of Bon Appetit and Sports Illustrated (which has Big Ben on the cover).

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