Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bethel Bakery & Sarris Candies

I've mentioned before that I grew up in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. For many who live in that area, Bethel Bakery is the place to get special occasion cakes (graduation, wedding, birthday) and Sarris Candy is where you get yummy chocolate candies, what you sell to raise money for school stuff, and where you can get delicious homemade ice cream. In the last few days, I have visited both.

Last Saturday, my mom accompanied SP & I to Bethel Bakery for wedding cake tasting. There is a Wedding Cake Parlor off to the right of the bakery. We met with a lovely woman who started the wedding cake process by offering us five tastes:
  • yellow cake with French buttercream filling
  • yellow cake with strawberry filling
  • white cake with mango filling
  • almond cake with raspberry filling
  • marble cake with chocolate mousse filling
Yum. They also have raspberry cake. And they also have chocolate buttercream, white chocolate mousse, cherry, lemon, and apricot flavors for inside.

I'm not going to reveal what we chose for our wedding cake - it'll be a wedding day surprise for our guests! But it's very 'us' - we easily agreed on the flavors.

Of course we could not leave without purchasing some treats. SP was going to the hockey game that night, so I got my mom and I each a treat. A Chocolate Yum Yum for meand a lady lox for her.We also got a half dozen cupcakes.Today mom and I took a trip to Sarris Candies. The purpose: to scope out wedding favors. We did that and then we purchased some treats.

I chose an Espresso Ganache for my afternoon treat. Oh my gosh. Divine. I might like this even more than the cappuccino meltaways.I got a small belated birthday treat for a friend of mine - a chocolate Steelers football:I got SP what he requested: dark chocolate almond bark. Mom got a candy bar. She also picked up a Pitt Panthers bar and a Stillers bar to take back to Las Vegas. I got a dark chocolate bar. I think mom ate her candy bar before I took the photos! There's also goodies in the Halloween pumpkin! We bought Mini Milky Way bars and Mini Regular & Dark Snickers to hand out to trick-or-treaters this weekend.I think we have enough chocolate treats in the house!!!

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  1. I love the idea of Sarris chocolates as favors! I may need to explore this for my sisters shower!

    Sarris also has chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. To die for!