Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Dilemma

Two of my favorite authors have new books out and I just picked up both of them from the library yesterday. I managed to control myself last night and instead of greedily picking up one of the new books, I finished Dead Until Dark, which was very good and I was surprised how closely HBO's True Blood followed the first book.

But today I must choose: Vince Flynn's Pursuit of Honor with Mitch Rapp going after terrorists after they attack the National Counterterrorism Center or Michael Connelly's 9 Dragons with LA homicide detective Harry Bosch working on a murder that may involve a Triad hit man and then rushing off to Hong Kong when his daughter is kidnapped. I thought the choice would be easy since the last couple Mitch books weren't so great, but I checked out some reviews and it sounds like this one is back in top form.

I guess I better get off the computer and start reading...

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