Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dozen Bake Shop & Coffee Treats

It's fall, which means I am again enjoying my Nespresso coffee machine. My parents gave it to me for Christmas about 7 years ago. I don't drink coffee in the morning, but in the afternoon I like to whip up and enjoy a 'coffee treat.' This machine lets me make my own version of a latte/cappuccino. It's also super easy since you use capsules. My favorites are the ones at the high end if the intensity scale, probably because I 'dilute' the espresso with milk and foam.

Sometimes I'll make an iced coffee treat in the warmer months, but usually I only use my Nespresso for hot coffee treats in the colder months. After much experimentation, I decided my glass mug was the best size. I fill it with coffee to just under the bottom of the top part of the handle. I fill my small, white cream pitcher halfway with milk. Then I use the steam nozzle to heat and froth the milk. I keep the steam nozzle in the milk until the foamy bubbles begin to peak over the top of the small pitcher. Then I add the hot milk to the coffee, just up to under the top and then I use a small spoon to spoon the foam into a mound on top. Sometimes I'll sprinkle it with cinnamon or chocolate. I'm not sure if my proportions of coffee/milk/froth make it a latte or cappuccino or maybe neither, but it is a very nice afternoon coffee treat.
Last night, SP arrived home bearing not just CSA goodies but a box filled with cupcakes from Dozen Bake Shop. We finished our Bethel Bakery cupcakes Monday evening, so SP decided to surprise us with more cupcakes!

He got half a dozen: 2 Chocolate Chocolate, 2 Vanilla Vanilla, and 2 Maple Spice.After dinner last night, we started the newly arrived 'Ice Age' movie DVD and settled in with our cupcakes and hot tea. My cupcake (Chocolate Chocolate) was tasty, but the cake part was a wee bit dry. My mom said the same about hers (she had Vanilla Vanilla). The icing is a yummy buttercream, but sweeter and 'stiffer' than Bethel's (Bethel has a very smooth, creamy buttercream). SP really enjoyed his Maple Spice. I sampled it and it may have been my favorite of the three: Yum!


  1. I've always wanted to dry Dozen!

    Can you recommend any good bakeries near Carnegie? Sometimes, I get a hankering for sweets, but can't seem to find any around here!

  2. 1. I'm super-late in catching up on blogs, so here's a delayed "congrats!!" on the engagement/wedding planning. Looks like you're doing all the fun planning stuff now (now my wheels are turning... I wonder if I pretend to get married, can I just go on a bakery-tour of Pittsburgh for free?)
    2. The past few posts? Yeah, I want to reach out and shove all that food into my piehole (cakehole might be more appropriate). LUCKY.
    3. OMG, MAPLE CUPCAKES?!?!?! Nuff. Said.

  3. Whitney - sadly, I cannot remember any good bakeries in Carnegie! There used to be The French Tart bakery in Virginia Manor that was OK, nothing special, but I think they closed. I used to make the trip to Bethel, make do with Giant Eagle's bakery, or get Panera treats when I lived in Carnegie. Or SP would bring me treats from the Sq. Hill places!

  4. HumanVacuum - I say pretend you're getting married! I think the only reason SP went to the bakery was for the cake tastings - he has no interest in the flowers, favors, invitations, etc!!

  5. I remember The French Tart (somehow I ended up going there getting lost going to Mad Mex a few years back!). The only place I've found is "Big Daddy's Donuts" in Crafton. It's super cute. Homemade donuts and great coffee. Otherwise, there is nothing!