Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dreary Weekend

It's been so gloomy and rainy and cold here. Not very nice autumn weather. We stayed in Friday night and made pancakes for me and buckwheat crepes topped with sauteed braising greens from last week's CSA box for SP. He liked his dinner; mine was just OK - my pancakes were a bit too thick and heavy and kept absorbing butter and syrup. We had some grapes on the side. No photos - they came out blurry.

Saturday SP spent the day in the attic wrestling with insulation. The previous home owners left it rolled up in a ball after they remodeled the kitchen, including putting in new lighting and therefore being in the attic for the new wiring and moving the insulation out of the way but not putting it back in place. Hopefully this winter will be toastier and less expensive (we didn't get a chance to put the insulation in place last year)!

Access to the attic is through the pantry, so we had to empty out the pantry. Kind of a big pain, but good for cleaning out old cans of food!!! We took advantage of the emptied out pantry to paint over the gross light lime green walls in the pantry.

All day we debated whether or not to eat out and if so, where. Around 6 pm we committed to going out, deciding to go to the South Side. But then we remembered the Pens were playing at home and decided we didn't want to end up sitting in traffic. As we were getting in the car, tossing around dinner ideas again, my phone rang. It was my friend L. She and her husband had a baby-sitter for the evening and were heading our way and wanting to know if we would like to meet for dinner. We said sure and decided on Bocktown Beer & Grill.

I've blogged about Bocktown before. Since the last time we were there, the menu has changed. Some new sandwiches, some new meals, some new options. I opted for the new Growler sandwich (a cheesesteak sandwich) and I really enjoyed it. SP doesn't eat beef, so it's a treat for me to have a cheesesteak when I'm out! SP got a burger, but substituted a portabella for the burger. He chose the one topped with hot banana peppers and provolone. Here's half my sandwich, eaten for lunch today:L chose the pulled pork sandwich and quickly devoured the entire sandwich, saying how tasty it was. Her husband chose the B.E.L.T.CH -- bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, and cheese and he really enjoyed it.

We also ordered fries - bacon, cheddar, and BBQ sauce for me & SP; bacon, cheddar, and jalapenos for L and her husband. So tasty, so not healthy!

Of course L and I had to get dessert. We shared a slice of the Steelers chocolate cake: starting from the bottom the layers were: chocolate cake, chocolate cream, vanilla cake, vanilla cream, chocolate cake, yellow icing, fudge icing. It was yummy - not too sweet or dense or rich. Just right after a sandwich and fries.

Afterward, we all went to the bookstore and browsed. SP & I ended up in the cookbook area. I had fun browsing cookie cookbooks, looking for a biscotti recipes. A very nice evening with good friends!

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