Sunday, October 4, 2009

Return to Paris 66

Saturday was a busy day of errands. First, we went to pick up my new glasses! I like them much better than the old ones. I don't really need glasses but my eyes do get fatigued by all the reading, cross-stitch, and computer time, so I wear glasses to help my eyes with those activities.

That chore meant a bit of a drive! SP & I grew up south of the city in McMurray. We still see many of the same doctors from when we were in high school. My eye doctor is in Bethel Park and I've been seeing him (and before him, his father) since I was 7 years old and eye doctors were puzzled by specks/indentations on my cornea and pronouncing that when I got older I'd need a cornea transplant for sure. The indentations seem to have vanished (?), there is no talk of cornea transplants, and my vision without glasses is good.

Anyway. it was a sunny, warm day and the leaves are changing colors, so it was a nice half hour drive.

After the eye doctor, we went to the South Hills Village mall area for a few more errands (sadly, my cross-stitch wasn't yet ready for pick up), then we grabbed a quick bagel lunch at Panera (asiago cheese for me, whole-grain for SP), and then we headed back to the Robinson area for more errands!!!

After a quick rest at home, we headed out for dinner. We decided on a return to Paris 66.

Of course we forgot about bringing along a bottle of wine! SP ordered iced tea and I tried a blood orange French soda. The soda was tasty, kind of tart tasting. The syrup was at the bottom when it arrived so I stirred it up and it turned a funky, glowy orange color!SP ordered the tuna appetizer (yesterday's special). Six chunks of tuna on skewers with a dipping sauce and a bit of salad on the side. I don't eat raw fish. He said it was tasty, although one skewer was a bit more well done than the other and SP prefers his tuna raw. The rawer, the better.I tried the Pizza of the Day - it was a four cheese pizza with bechamel sauce and black olives. Yum! The pizza crust is puff pastry. I chose the salad with house dressing instead of soup (the soup choices were French onion or the daily special creamy mushroom). I enjoyed the pizza. It wasn't nearly as cheesy as I expected, but that's a good thing, especially after last week's calzone. This time, my salad was just greens, which was a bit disappointing because I seem to remember that last time there were sun-dried tomatoes and maybe even a few nuts...?I thought for sure SP would order the creamy mushroom soup, but he chose salad with his La Champs Elysées crepe (creamed leeks & smoked salmon). He liked his crepe but wouldn't order this particular one again because the leeks were a bit too strong for him. That's just his personal taste.For dessert, we shared chocolate mousse and the L’Etiollaise crepe (butter, lemon and sugar with whipped cream). The crepe was just as tasty as I remembered. The chocolate mousse was very good, too. Thick, dense, chocolatey, rich, decadent, with a dollop of whipped cream on top - deliciously indulgent.I wouldn't get the mousse again, however, and that's for 2 reasons. One, it was just a bit too rich, dense, and chocolately for my tastes these days. Two, the dessert crepes are so tasty and you don't find dessert crepes on many (if any) menus so how can I pass up dessert crepes when I am at Paris 66? Chocolate mousse and other decadent chocolate desserts are much more common (even if not as tasty as this mousse). My dessert tastes are moving away from the super duper rich & chocolatey kinds of desserts. While I still love and crave chocolate, my tastes are now more of just chocolate chip cookies, or shortbread dipped in chocolate, or just a plain (dark) chocolate bar.

One tiny complaint: the tuna appetizer arrived a tad bit after our meals were placed on the table. This wasn't a huge issue for me since I wasn't going to eat any of the tuna, but... aren't appetizers supposed to arrive before the meals and the appetizer plates be cleared before the meals arrive?

SP wasn't feeling well, so we came home after dinner and made tea (no trip to Te Cafe - I was a bit sad) and watched Monsters vs. Aliens which is a really fun movie. We also watched the second episode of Flash Forward and, much like after watching Lost, we tried to put all the pieces of the puzzle together! I also subjected SP to a little bit of college football - I wanted to see the scores! Pitt and Alabama won! Yay!

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