Sunday, October 18, 2009

Slow Cooker Sunday

It's been so cold and damp. We spent a lot of time tossing around dinner ideas for this coming week. We decided on some comfort dishes - dishes that could made in a slow cooker and that would give us lots of leftovers for the week. We have several slow cookers so we were able to make 2 big meals today.

What's behind the lids?

Sunday morning SP got the first slow cooker meal going: chicken noodle soup. I'm not sure what exactly he did since I was still snuggling and snoozing in the toasty warm bed when he got up to feed the cats and decided to get the soup started. Onion, carrots, celery, noodles, shredded chicken. All slow cooked together for a tasty chicken noodle soup with lots of leftovers.
I was excited to get out my soup mugs. My grandparents gave these to me and I rarely use them. Tonight was the perfect chance:We made cheese biscuits to go with the soup. A simple biscuit recipe from The Joy of Cooking. Here are photos of the biscuits going into the oven and then out of the oven and ready to eat:So tonight we ate the soup & biscuits.And we have lots of leftovers for this week:
In the afternoon, SP got the second slow cooker meal going. What's behind that lid? Pulled Pork BBQ. Last year, SP found this recipe online. We aren't sure of the source because there's no identifying data on the print out, but this recipe is so good! It simmered away all during the Steelers game, filling the house with tangy, tasty BBQ smell.After dinner, SP shredded the pork. We divided it into casseroles, added BBQ sauce, and put the leftover BBQ sauce in a container since we always end up wanting more BBQ sauce on the sandwiches. Of course we each sampled a forkful - yum!Lots of delicious pulled pork BBQ for sandwiches during the week. To eat along with the pork BBQ, we cheated and bought some cole slaw instead of making it.

What a great day - the Steelers beat the Browns and we got to relax on the couch all afternoon because the meals were so easy to prepare. Delicious aromas wafted through the house and now we have all of this week's dinners ready to go!


  1. Hey, I slow-cooked pork on Sunday too! Yours looks a heck of a lot better than mine, though. :)

  2. Thanks! SP makes the best pulled pork BBQ!