Friday, October 23, 2009

The Wedding Adventure

SP and I are getting married. This isn't new news, just new to the blog news. He gave me a beautiful engagement ring around our 2 year anniversary. I say around because we don't really have an anniversary date, don't really have a 'first date' date, don't really have a date that we met. I've known SP since I was 15.

It was late October/early November during junior year of high school when this new kid (SP) showed up in several of my classes. His family moved here from NJ. Even though he was (and still is) a super smart nerd -- he actually understood and enjoyed calculus and physics, which made me feel stupid -- SP and I became friends.

After high school graduation, SP went to Carnegie Mellon and I went to Bucknell. We stayed in touch writing letters and seeing each other over breaks and the summer. Unfortunately, sometime near the end of our sophomore year of college, we lost touch. I suppose we just became too busy with our college lives. I was preparing to spend my junior year abroad in Japan and I had a boyfriend. I remember not spending much time home in Pittsburgh that summer.

Over the next few years, we would graduate and move away from Pittsburgh. SP moved to Seattle. I spent another year in Japan and then moved to the San Francisco area. Eventually we both returned to Pittsburgh, but not to the area we lived in during high school.

Fast forward several years. One day during the time when I was recovering from breaking my femur, I read an article in the newspaper in which SP & his web site were mentioned. My mom was staying with me and I mentioned the article to her. She said I should email SP and say hi. I was hesitant. I have stayed in touch with only one person from my high school and that person has been my friend since we met in kindergarten. I'm not one who desires to reconnect with people from the past (I have not attended any reunions). But for some reason, maybe because it was an extremely difficult time of my life and I felt really alone and lost and maybe because I remembered SP as a really nice person, I emailed him. And he emailed back. And then we emailed some more. That led to instant messaging, phone calls, and eventually we got together in person. We became friends again.

After about 3 years of being friends again, things started to gradually change. We started talking every night. We started seeing each other every weekend. Then we started seeing each other every weekend and once during the week. We both were worried about ruining our friendship, but eventually we talked about things and we realized that we really enjoyed spending time together and we decided we were officially dating.

After about a year of official dating, we bought a house and moved in together. After about a year of living together, we got engaged. And now we are planning an April 2010 wedding. SP is my best friend, my prince charming, my sweetie pie. He makes me very happy and I hope I make him as happy as he makes me.

It will be a small wedding. Neither of us wants a huge wedding. It won't be very traditional - I was never a girl who liked dresses so I refuse to wear a poofy, lacey, princessy white wedding dress. SP won't be wearing a tuxedo. There won't be any bridesmaids/ushers. No traditional reception - neither of us has ever enjoyed dancing. There is no theme. There are no wedding colors.

To help me figure things out, my mom came into town earlier this week. We have spent some time this week looking for my wedding outfit, browsing sample invitations and invitation wording (I do not exaggerate when I say the place we visited had close to fifty 5-6 inch thick binders filled with invitation samples), thinking about flowers, talking about restaurants (we just want a nice dinner at a restaurant, not a hotel banquet/reception with a DJ/dancing). There's also the guest list, favors, ceremony details like the music - sometimes all this wedding stuff is mind-numbing and overwhelming!! The only thing we have decided and reserved for sure is the small chapel for the ceremony. And we have our wedding rings.

Tomorrow we will be going 'wedding cake tasting.' Growing up in the South Hills, we are fans of Bethel Bakery. We each had a Bethel cake for high school graduation. One day we were talking and discovered that we each always wanted a Bethel Bakery wedding cake when we got married. So we're going to have one - we just have to figure out the design, flavors, etc. I'm sure that after tomorrow's cake tasting, we'll purchase some tasty bakery goodies for the weekend. Maybe some Halloween goodies.

And so the Wedding Adventure begins... is it too late to fly to Vegas and the Elvis Chapel?!!!!


  1. Oh I know all about Bethel Bakery! That is -the- bakery if you grew up in South Hills. I grew up in South Pittsburgh and we went there for all the "important event" cakes.

    Have fun and congrats!

  2. Thanks! We're really looking forward to the big day. And no, I don't think it's too late to just slip away to Vegas quite yet, although if we confirm and pay too many more deposits it sure will be!

  3. Thanks! The cake tasting was yummy but there were so many choices it was a bit overwhelming!