Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Change the Blog Title?

Bye-bye BlueEley...

I've been wanting to change the title of my blog from 'BlueEley's Cafe' to something else for a while. I started this blog on a whim one day. I had been reading lots of foodie blogs. SP reads lots of food blogs. We enjoy cooking a lot. We eagerly await the arrival in our mailbox of the new issues of Bon Appetit and Cooks Illustrated and we both print out lots of recipes from various food sites. We also like to try new restaurants in Pittsburgh (although lately we seem to be sticking to our favorites and not trying as many new places). I started thinking I should start my own blog.

So one day, I did. On the day I started the blog, I needed a name. I wanted to be anonymous - I like that google can't find me when I type in my name. I was looking around my office for inspiration and I saw my old, worn, puffy, blue stuffed elephant - the stuffed elephant that has been with me since I purchased it in Japan and that has helped me through many difficult times. So I decided to be Blue Eley.

But I was never satisfied with it. It seemed dumb. Occasionally, I'd try out new blog names on SP and he'd say "meh." He liked Blue Eley because I like elephants and because he knows how my stuffed blue elephant helped me through the tough times when I felt sad and alone and lost (that's why it doesn't really look blue in the photo but more a dirty pale gray!).

I thought maybe Blueberry Spider -- I love blueberries and the blueberry spider is my favorite critter figurine in the kitchen. "Nah," said SP.

You may recall that last week SP bought Chocolate Gobs at Costco. I really like chocolate gobs. But I can never remember their name! I call them chocolate blobs, blobbies. I think in some places they're called whoopie pies. Once I remembered that, I slipped and called them whoopie cushions one day - SP gave me a look when I did that!!

Then we were at Bethel Bakery, surveying the baked goodies, trying to decide on our treats and I looked over and saw them! Without even thinking I said rather loudly and in the middle of the bakery as I nudged SP,"Look! Whoopie Cushions!" He shook his head, embarrassed, and then we noticed that Bethel Bakery calls them Yum Yums!

I instantly remembered that several years ago I saw The Mikado (a comedic opera set in Japan; I lived in Japan, majored in Japanese, I really enjoy The Mikado). Afterward, my friend I went out for a drink and we decided to play that trivia game some bars have. I needed a name and on the spur of the moment, having just seen The Mikado, I decided on Yum Yum.

So I was Yum Yum for a while. One day, I broke my femur, life changed, I got older, and trips to bars for drinks and trivia ended. I forgot about my 'nickname.'

Yum also happens to be a word we use a lot to describe our food - it's yummy, delicious, tasty. But never 'yum-o' - SP hates 'yum-o' (Rachael Ray's favorite word).

On the car ride home from Bethel Bakery, it hit me. 'My blog should be Yum Yum!' I said to SP. I explained why (for the three reasons listed at the top of the blog). He agreed. It seems fitting, although I think he secretly prefers BlueEley. He was sad last night when I removed puffy blue elephant's photo.

Maybe I'll change back, who knows, but for now, I am happier with Yum Yum. Not sure I like the new color scheme, but we'll see! It's a work in progress, and change can be good, even refreshing.


  1. Ooh, and I forgot in my other comment (for the post that comes after this one, strangely enough) - I *love* the new design! And the pictures at the top - everything seems brighter. Cute! :)