Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Halloween. We didn't do anything special! We both had hair appointments in McMurray yesterday morning. As usual, I was excited for my every-three-months chop and color. It's now cut to just below my ears - so short and easy to deal with - and the gray hairs are now a lovely brunette color!

After dashing about to those appointments in the windy, chilly rain, we decided on a quick lunch at Loafers Bread Company. Loafers is a few stores down from SP's hair-cut place. I had not yet been to Loafers.

It is much calmer and more soothing inside than at Panera, our usual 'Hair Cut Day' place for lunch. We both decided on the Fall Sandwich Special: turkey, havarti dill cheese, roasted red peppers, and lettuce on your choice of bread. We got one sandwich with Honey Whole Wheat bread and one with the Montana Multi-Grain bread.We split the sandwiches so we could try both breads. You can't see a difference between the breads in the photos. Both were delicious.
We also shared a wonderfully warming cup of Tomato Basil Ravioli soup. The pillowy raviolis were so tasty.Soup always tastes extra good on chilly, damp days.

We couldn't leave without sampling the Orange Chocolate Chip bread. Yum. Not a sandwich bread, more of a dessert or snacking bread. We left with a loaf of the multi-grain for lunch this week.

Loafers doesn't have fancy coffee drinks. That's OK - my cup of coffee was very good. The other breads sound delicious - mango bread, sunflower whole wheat, rustic French - we'll definitely be back for lunch and tasty bread loaves.

On the way home we stopped at Portman's for Boar's Head lunch meat & cheese. I waited in the car while SP ran in. When he came back, he brought me a treat: a pumpkin yum yum (or pumpkin gob, or pumpkin whoopie pie, whichever you prefer)!!!We shared it last night while catching up on TV and snuggling. It was quite tasty.

Dinner last night was pizza from Pizza Milano on Steubenville Pike. That's where we always order pizza. We got one spinach-chicken-bacon-tomato pizza: and one seafood (shrimp, crab, garlic, mushrooms) pizza: Yum! I only ate the spinach one since the seafood one has lots of garlic, but mom & SP really liked the seafood pizza.

We enjoyed some Gabbiano Chianti with our pizza (thanks to mom!).We had only 6 trick-or-treaters ring our doorbell. Now we have lots of leftover Snickers and Milky Way candy to eat!

All in all, a nice, calm, relaxing Halloween, even if it was a little too windy and damp!

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