Monday, November 23, 2009


Sadly, Hermes the kitty cat passed away sometime early this morning. SP is very sad.

SP's friend is a vet. She checked Hermes last night, said it didn't look good and to bring him back this morning when she'd have all her assistants to help do lots of blood work and x-rays. She said to keep him warm since his temperature was low so SP bundled him up in towels and blankets last night. He checked on him several times.I mentioned I'm not fond of SP's cats. I don't know them that well. Hermes was 10 or 11 years old, so SP got him well before we got back in touch. What I do know is that they are not declawed and are fond of scratching furniture until the stuffing pops out or clawing at the door frame trying to break out (destroying the wood door frame) or scratching the carpet on the stairs until it's frayed and/or bald in patches. One or both of them poops outside the litter box.

Their fondness for scratching and not pooping in the box are reasons they are confined to the basement. When we moved in together, we bought lots of new furniture and we got new carpet in some rooms -- we didn't want the brand new stuff ruined.

So they are 'basement cats.' Or you could say 'man cave' cats since the basement is where SP's big TV and XBox and other 'toys' are. The basement is probably the size of the 2 bedroom apartment I had, so there is lots of room and there are lots of window ledges for the cats to sit on and peer out at the world. I don't spend much time in the basement, it's SP's 'playroom' and where the cats are, so I don't spend much time with the cats.

I am sad because SP is sad. To be honest, I won't miss Hermes, but SP will miss him. A lot. I feel awful that I was still sleeping when SP found Hermes. He didn't wake me up right away to tell me. When he did finally wake me, there were lots of tears and hugs.

I feel awful that Hermes suddenly got so ill - he was fine at lunchtime and then after the Steelers game he was ill. We've been torturing ourselves trying to figure out what could have made him so sick so quickly. I really hope he wasn't in too much pain, and I hope Loki stopped hiding and gave Hermes some kitty comfort during the night.

SP wrote on Facebook: "I'd like to think that if there's a cat heaven, Hermes is there now with a jumbo-sized catnip toy and lots of people to play "guess the hand" with." To that I add: a huge pile of food, easily accessible (not trapped in that darn container that won't even open when Hermes sends it crashing off the counter and onto the floor), and his favorite stuffed toys that are always right at the bottom of the stairs. And my mother's green chair. May he continue to scratch it all he wants.

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  1. That is so sad. I'm sorry for the both of you! I hope G makes it through okay (sounds like time for a Market District treat).

    I love the name Loki. In fact, I nicknamed my car Loki, and when Jared and I joke about another dog, I am going to name it Loki =)