Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lobster Sunday

Usually on Sunday evenings, after a nice meal, we are cuddled up on the couch with tea and treats, ready to watch The Amazing Race. Tonight, however, I find myself home alone, finishing a bottle of wine, and on the computer because I can't think what else to do. SP is out on an emergency vet visit as one of the cats seems quite ill (very lethargic and drooling/frothing at the mouth). I am not especially fond of SP's cats (they've destroyed a lot of my furniture and woodwork in the basement) but I don't want the little buggers to be in pain and sick.

Not to mention that the Steelers lost today. To the lowly Chiefs. Grrr.

And there's holiday stress. Lots of it. I wish I could fast forward to January and ignore the holidays. Much as I (usually) love the holidays, my holiday cheer is already squished and destroyed and I'm nearly at the point of not wanting to bother with anything - no Christmas tree, no baking cookies, no buying presents. Nothing. Screw it. Why must people try to manipulate and control and guilt others into doing things? That's not very holiday-like.

So you see, the wine is necessary. It's been a lousy Sunday. A lovely Chardonnay can cheer one up (or at least lull you to sleep where you forget all your woes!)!

This morning, SP went out to Giant Eagle to get 'Eggplant Roll' from the prepared food section. It was today's special - a signature entree with 2 sides, enough to feed two people for one small price. Unfortunately, by 11:30 am they were out of eggplant, so he instead bought the 'substitute specal' Mahi Mahi. Yuck. I'm not a fish person. But he did get some bakery goodies, one of which was this:Yup -the turkey chocolate chip cookie/icing concoction. We shared one during the Steelers game. It was pretty tasty, though it did have the usual Giant Eagle icing, the slightly grainy icing.

Tonight we steamed the lobster tails we bought at the new Giant Eagle Market District on Opening Weekend.We also made a Lemon Risotto, steamed broccoli, and olive oil-balsamic roasted brussel sprouts. The risotto turned out OK. Despite constant stirring and slow cooking, it seemed a bit crunchy, which was disappointing because we spent 40-50 minutes gradually adding broth and constantly stirring. Amazing lemon flavor, though.The lobster was quite tasty, as were the veggies. It was a delicious meal (even the slightly crunchy risotto - the lemon flavor was just so yummy!). We had a 'romantic dinner' - we lit 3 candles and plugged in our new Christmas window lights - dining by candlelight!!!Right before we took our last bites, SP received a call back from the vet so he rushed off with Hermes in the cat crate for a vet visit.

I'd definitely make the risotto again and hope it turns out less crunchy. The lobster was a very nice treat. A yummy dinner after a not-so-good Sunday!!

**Update: The vet doesn't know what's wrong with Hermes, so he's coming home tonight and SP will have to take him in early tomorrow morning so the vet and the lab techs can do more tests on him. His temperature is low for a cat and his tummy is sore since he flinches when it is touched.

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  1. I went to MD again today and got yet another carrot juice. That stuff is addicting.

    I saw the turkey cookies. They are too cute!