Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Market District Dinner

The hits just keep on coming... literally, this time. This morning while waiting at a red light on his way into work, SP was rear-ended. He's OK. The car will need repairs. This is the second time this year that someone rear-ended him while he was stopped at a light. Sheesh. Our poor car - it just received $585 of repairs to pass inspection and now this!

It seems Thanksgiving is just not a good time of year for us. Today is the anniversary of last year's sewage pump disaster -- the disaster that nearly derailed Thanksgiving dinner (we weren't sure the pump would be repaired in time and we were hosting dinner for 14 people). The disaster that initial estimates said would cost us $10,000 to fix - yikes! We are thankful it only cost $4,700 (that time, anyway - there's been another $430 of fixes since then).

Thanksgiving is the time of year my mom had her mini-strokes and she spent the holiday in the hospital a few years ago. Thanksgiving is the last holiday my grandmother celebrated before she passed away. Thanksgiving is also birthday time for both my grandparents so they've been on my mind a lot (yesterday would have been grandpa's 88th birthday and tomorrow grandma's 88th). To me, Thanksgiving isn't just turkey and pumpkin pie but also lots of birthday cake since growing up we always celebrated their birthdays and Thanksgiving together.

On to happier topics: last night's tasty dinner, courtesy of the new Market District's prepared foods section. I mentioned before that on Sunday SP bought the substitute Mahi Mahi 'Dinner for Two' since they were out of the 'Eggplant Roll' special. I re-heated a piece of the mahi mahi for him. It had a seasoning on it and was covered with spaghetti squash and spinach.

SP said the mahi mahi was quite tasty and he like it being paired with the squash and spinach.

The 'Dinner for Two' special comes with two sides. SP chose a pasta salad and an asparagus-tomato salad. The pasta salad was yummy! Orecchiette with tomatoes, herbs, small bits of cheese - and no garlic!The asparagus salad was also tasty. There were pine nuts in it, a nice addition.I made myself breaded chicken for dinner. I cut one huge chicken breast into smaller pieces (nuggets, I suppose), breaded them (roll in breading, dip in egg, then back into the breading), browned them in vegetable oil, drained the nuggets, and then baked them. I love breaded chicken.There was still one turkey cookie for dessert. Sunday night for evening dessert we split this treat:A Key Lime Gourmet Cupcake from the Market District bakery. It was tasty - not as good as the chocolate-mint and chocolate-raspberry gourmet cupcakes, but a nice change from chocolate.

After dinner, we enjoyed our usual Monday evening routine: snuggling on the couch with tea and dessert while watching Heroes and Castle. Still not that interested in Heroes but love the humor in Castle.

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