Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. One reason I love SP: after a discussion of childhood trick-or-treat candies, SP remembered that I like root beer and cream soda Dum Dums, so he swiped some from the work stash (not his personal stash, just a candy bowl on a desk in his cubicle area filled with Dum Dums) and brought them home for me. He swipes candy for me!

2. Another reason: last night at 1 am I woke up super cold. We have yet to add a blanket to the bed. I rolled on my back and poked SP with my elbow. 'I'm so cold. I can't sleep I'm so cold. Will you get me a blanket?' I have no idea what he really said (I sleep with ear plugs because he snores) but I gathered he didn't want to find and unfurl the winter blanket for the bed so I said, 'just grab the afghan on the couch' and then I put my ice cold feet on him so he would realize just how freezing I was.

So SP got up, went to the living room, got the afghan, and covered me up. Instant warmth. I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep, enveloped in comfy warmth. Isn't he wonderful?!

3. A photo of last night's leftovers dinner: roast lemon chicken, rice, and CSA carrots:4. Is it terribly rotten of me to hope that everyone not in the Robinson area stays the heck away from the new Giant Eagle Market District? We live slightly less than 1 mile from it so it's our local grocery store. I don't want my local grocery store to be super crowded and nearby roads clogged with annoying traffic from people who lives miles and miles away. Don't they have their own local grocery store? Robinson traffic is already bad enough. And the traffic on our 'residential' road is already bad since people (including huge trucks) use it as a short cut. If we had kids, they'd never be allowed to ride bicycles in the street or play in the front yard. Stay away, people not from the west area of Pittsburgh!

5. I can't believe I watched V last night (we recorded it; it aired on Tuesday). Is SP really getting me interested in a sci-fi type show? Yikes. I must love him.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with the Settlers development! Robinson is so poorly planned. Yes, I am excited to have a place to grab dinner between my after work & meetings, and the gym there is really convenient, but I dread the traffic!

    I think it will calm down, but it doesn't help how publicized the opening is. Jared and I got an ad in the mail yesterday and we are in Brentwood!