Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soup Night & Roasting Pumpkin

Last night for dinner we ate soup & dinner rolls. I had New England Clam Chowder from Giant Eagle Market District. It was quite tasty.SP had some split pea soup he made a while ago and froze.After dinner SP roasted the CSA pumpkin & its seeds.We'll be eating it tonight with leftover chicken marsala. And more dinner rolls. A dozen dinner rolls lasts a long time when there's just two people!

We also watched Up last night. This is such a wonderful and sweet movie! It made me misty eyed - twice. Best movie I've seen in a long time.


  1. Has it calmed down at Market District at all? I was going to go to LA Fitness after work today, but I was expecting everywhere to still be packed.

  2. After work on Tuesday was MUCH better -- there were even a few cashiers standing around talking to each other. Not empty by any means, but not the sheer insanity of the weekend either.

  3. SP says Tuesday after work it was better so maybe during the week evenings are not too bad now - we'll see what this weekend is like when we do the weekly grocery shopping! Of course, we're moving into holiday shopping time, when Robinson is packed and gridlocked, and I suspect that many who are out this way for gift shopping will stop in just to check it out.