Friday, November 27, 2009

Te Cafe

Today is a gray, cold, windy, snow flurrying day. Ugh! I'm not ready for this! Just 2 days ago I didn't need a jacket (just a warm sweater) and today I was wearing my winter coat and gloves! And I had the hood over my head!

I had a doctor appointment at Magee today. Yuck. I am never happy when I have to see this doctor, so SP does his best to cheer me up by taking me out for lunch and/or treats after the appointment. Today we both felt like we were still pretty stuffed from last night's Thanksgiving feast, so we decided to go to Te Cafe.

I've mentioned before how much I love Te Cafe. We entered the warm, cozy shop and browsed the tea specials. They were featuring several Black Tea Friday specials:We took advantage of the specials and purchased some Orange Spice and Pomegranate Rosehip loose teas for at home.

There also was a special Chocolate Pumpkin Spice tea listed on the chalkboard behind the counter. It sounded intriguing, but I was a bit apprehensive. I asked the guy working there what he thought of it. He said he had just decided this morning to try mixing those 2 black teas together and would I like a sample before ordering? Of course I would! It was tasty! So I got a cup of that tea, a biscotti, and a grilled cheddar & Swiss with tomato on country white bread. A yummy sandwich!I love cinnamon biscotti! Did I really need the cinnamon biscotti after last night's over-eating and with all the leftover pie? No. But I cannot pass up cinnamon biscotti.SP decided to snack on a Cashew Butter & Jelly on a multi-grain bread with his Kyoto Rose tea.We relaxed and enjoyed our treats before heading back out into the cold and off to a store.

Yes, a store. On Black Friday. UGH! Yesterday while cooking the Thanksgiving feast, someone (not me) dropped my camera while it was still turned on (and thus the lens was extended) and when it hit the kitchen floor, well you guessed it. It hit right on the open, extended lens and completely knocked the lens out of whack. It won't open, it won't close. It just makes a horrible, sick whirring noise.

Sigh. How can a food blogger blog without photos of food? And it's almost cookie baking time!!!! We spent some time yesterday researching camera ratings online at Consumer Reports. I wanted to actually play with a camera before getting one, so we went to Best Buy so I could play. I want a nice, easy, simple point & shoot camera - nothing fancy.

I found one I like, it got a good rating at Consumer Reports and is listed by them as recommended/best buy, and SP found it at a really good price today online so he ordered it for me. It should be here soon!

Meanwhile, I'll be using his camera - it's yucky, clunky, boxy, heavy, beat up, not as sleek and not as cool as my old camera or my new camera. But it'll do for now.


  1. That camera you dislike so much survived roller coaster trips to Japan and Germany, so it's served its purpose.

  2. The biscotti looks amazing! I look forward to making my cinnamon hazelnut biscotti this weekend!

  3. Whitney, I am looking forward to a blog post about those biscotti!