Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almond Frangipane Palmiers

I mentioned that during the 2001 holidays I was not working. During that time, I took a holiday cookie baking class at Crate in Green Tree. One of the recipes from that class is Almond Frangipane Palmiers. I made these palmiers for Christmas 2001 and everyone really liked them, but they never made it back onto the holiday cookie tray. This year, for some reason, I really wanted to make these. So, after making the Walnut Cups, we started making Holiday Cookie #9: Almond Frangipane Palmiers.

Keep in mind I have not made these since Christmas 2001. When I made our cookie baking ingredient list, I only glanced at the ingredients, not the actual recipe. When it came time to make these and I actually read the directions, I thought 'uh-oh' because, as it turned out, my typed recipe, after an 8 year hiatus, seemed way to vague and I found myself with many questions. Oops.

SP was annoyed not just because of the vague directions but also because these turned out to be much more work than just sprinkling some stuff on puff pastry, rolling into a log, and baking. He was not happy with these (or with me).

'Roll one piece of puff pastry in almond mixture.' The almond mixture is almonds, sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon, if desired, processed together until finely ground. SP was grumbling about having to use the food processor. That's extra clean up, all those parts - not a simple and quick step. We doubled the recipe, but doubling the almond mixture seems like it was a mistake - we had nearly half of it leftover. Oops. I couldn't remember if both sides of the puff pastry got covered with the almond mixture, or just one side. We went with one side.

'Spread with a thin layer of filling.' The filling is unsalted butter, sugar, almond paste, egg, and cake flour.It's a bit tough to spread because it's rather sticky. It kept pulling up the almond mixture. SP was sort of... cursing. Naturally, when I took the class, the instructor made spreading the filling look oh-so-easy. We did use all the doubled filling.

*It should be noted that I was finishing up the walnut cups when SP started the palmiers - so I wasn't helping out much with the palmiers. My lack of participation, vague directions, and it turning out to be more work than anticipated did not make for a happy SP. It's my fault. I should have read the recipe ahead of time and then googled similar recipes to look for more detailed directions.

Those two steps are the hard parts. After those steps, you roll up the dough, refrigerate until set, slice, and bake. We left the rolled up logs in the refrigerator overnight.

This morning, I sliced and baked the logs.Baking the slices on parchment paper is a must. They'll stick and flake apart and burn if you don't use the parchment paper.Much like the last time I made these, the filling seems to ooze out of the rolled up puff pastry, and then the oozing out part turns really brown. I wouldn't say burnt exactly, but... very dark brown and crispy. I'm not sure why this happens on some and not to others. I was careful to not let the slices unravel, but clearly I was not careful enough.They are tasty. But I am just not sure that they are tasty enough to make again. Maybe another kind of palmier. I just don't like that the filling seems to bubble up and over and out of the palmier shape and then almost burns to a crisp. The filling bubbling up ends up hiding the swirl of the puff pastry, so they aren't as pretty as they should be, clearly showing a layer of flaky puff pastry and a layer of filling. I'll have to have SP try one when he gets home and get his opinion.

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  1. I've been wanting to take a class at Crate. The cookies look way too advanced for me. Also, I'm not certain I'm so patient for those!