Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Angels & Frogs

It's Wednesday and since I have no exciting food adventures so far this week, I figured I'd share some non-food stuff:

1. A cross-stitch I completed last February. We are giving it to SP's mom for Christmas. Ever since we got it framed last spring, it's been tucked away in my office closet. This is the first cross-stitch I did that included beading/sequins/charms to attach. I pulled it out over the weekend to wrap it. Since I'm giving this cross-stitch as a gift, I decided to photograph it:
2. My weekend mall find: new pajamas. We were at the mall, intending to do some Christmas shopping but truthfully, it turned into shopping for us. I got the case for Elf. SP got some new and sorely needed pants. We did get a few Christmas presents. While SP was standing in line to purchase some socks, I went wandering through the ladies pajamas. I love pajamas. I'm not really sure why. I also, in addition to elephants, love frogs. My favorite stuffed animal as a child was the beanbag frog that my aunt made for me.

So imagine my excitement when I found FROG PAJAMAS. And not for little kids or teens - in the grown-up ladies area! They came bundled with a matching blanket!! And they were on sale!!! Plus the extra 15% off coupon!!!How could I pass up such a deal?

SP discovered me pawing my way through jammies in search of my size and when I showed him the jammies, he agreed that they were a 'must purchase' because they are so silly and fun and froggy! Not to mention soft. Really soft. And warm. I love them. Here's a photo of the blanket:They make me laugh every time I wear them! Yes, that's right, the jammies are a 'now' present, not a Christmas present... Just like the camera is not a Christmas present... and SP's new pants are not a Christmas present...!

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