Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cappuccino Pizzelles

Wednesday morning I made Cappuccino Pizzelles - Holiday Cookie #10.

This was the first time using the replacement pizzelle maker. Last August the latch broke on ours so we took it back and exchanged it.This was the first time making Cappuccino Pizzelles. The batter for these pizzelles includes instant espresso powder, cinnamon, and coffee liquor. We used Kahlua.The batter smelled really good. Pizzelle batter is easy to make - combine sugar and 3 eggs, add melted & cooled butter and flavorings, add flour & baking powder.SP left for work and I sat at the kitchen table, sipping my morning tea and drooping spoonfuls of batter into the pizzelle maker.The new one works fine. It's taking me a while to figure out which 'brown' setting I want it set at (I think 3.5-4 is a good setting).I sampled one for breakfast. It tasted pretty good. Maybe a wee bit dryer than I expected and not quite as much coffee flavor as I expected but usually pizzelles taste better the next day, so I am reserving judgment!


  1. what pizzelle maker do you use?

    1. We use one from Cuisinart that we bought years ago, it looks like the Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press. I think there's a new version out now, the WM-PZ10, based on photos on