Friday, December 11, 2009

Chilly Friday

I finished my holiday cards yesterday. They fell over when I tried to prop them up against the Santa candle. I gave up after the 4th try!

It's been darn chilly lately. I've been drinking a lot of hot tea in an effort to stay warm! It's way too early for it to be this cold. The thermometer in our bedroom said it was 63 degrees in the bedroom at midnight last night. Yes, we have our heat on, but last year we kept it set at 67-68 degrees (which I find a bit chilly) and we are hesitant to turn it up higher this year since 67-68 last year resulted in heating bills of $400+/month in January and February. Thank goodness SP seems to radiate lots of heat! He keeps me warm at night. Of course, he also ruthlessly yanks the covers off me in the mornings before he leaves for work, gleefully saying, "Time to get up!" Brrrr.....!

I guess I should clarify: the bedroom is probably 4-5 degrees cooler than what the thermostat is set at because it has 3 exterior walls and only 1 interior wall. When you walk in, the wall on the left with our closets borders the front patio & planter; the wall in front of you with a window looks out on the front yard and our road; the wall on the right with a window looks out onto the driveway; and the 4th wall is the interior wall shared with my office. It is the wall against which we have our bed since we didn't want our heads against an exterior wall.

My only new food news (since we've been eating leftovers all week) is that I indulged in a lot of cheese flavored Sun Chips last night. I am not proud of this. In fact, I'm a little disappointed in my lack of willpower. It was during the Steelers game. It was not a fun game to watch (if you're a Steelers fan) so I turned to the chips and chomped my way through the 3rd quarter.

I still feel kind of disgusting from the Sun Chips today!

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