Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies

About a month ago the December issue of Bon Appetit arrived. I look forward to the December issue every year because of the holiday cookie recipes. This year, one really caught my eye: Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies.I love the combination of mint and chocolate - that's why I love those white chocolate mint premium M&M's so much! And Mint Milanos, Junior Mints, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, 3 Musketeers Mint bars...

Thursday evening, we decided to make these cookies. These are Holiday Cookie #5.

The shortbread is easy to put together. While SP mixed the shortbread dough ingredients, I greased and lined a 13x9x2 pan with parchment paper. I think SP had a little too much fun poking designs in the dough with a fork:Our shortbread only needed 25 minutes to turn golden brown and pull away from the edges.

While the shortbread baked, we measured out 3 ounces of mint candies:I didn't want to use the food processor to chop such hard candies since the manual warned to not chop ice in the processor. SP didn't want to haul out the blender. So he figured the coffee bean grinder would work OK - we've chopped nuts in it before. Unfortunately, the candies didn't come out chopped. They came our pulverized. A mint powder.Oops.

As soon as the pan came out of the oven, I sprinkled the dark chocolate chips over the warm shortbread.I was a bit dubious of the just-removed-from-the-oven shortbread being hot enough to melt the chips into spreadable consistency, but my fear was not realized. After waiting the three minutes, I gingerly started smushing and spreading chips with my offset spatula. The chips easily spread and there were no chocolate lumps, just a smooth chocolate layer.

Next we sprinkled on the 'pulverized to a dust' mint candies.Then we drizzled on the melted white chocolate, which we melted in the microwave.I didn't use fork tines for drizzling, I used my baby spoon (yes, I still have my baby spoon). Using the baby spoon accounts for some of the blobs rather than skinny drizzles. We used the baby spoon to stir the white chocolate as it was melting, so rather than dirty up another utensil I just used it to drizzle!

We placed the pan in the refrigerator to chill and right before bed, we cut it into small triangles.We again froze some and kept some out for our enjoyment. These are very tasty. The pulverized candies do have an advantage: I don't like crunching hard things, like hard candy pieces, with my teeth. I always feel like I am going to crack a tooth or have some other horrible dental distress. The pulverized, powdery candy is easy to chomp.

On the down side, the white chocolate doesn't really seem to stick to the pulverized candies - we are wondering if the white chocolate would stick better on larger pieces of candy. Perhaps the problem is that the pulverized, powdery candies aren't really stuck into the chocolate because they are so powdery and while the dusty coating doesn't fall off the chocolate, it's just not able to anchor the white chocolate. A lot of our white chocolate seemed to break off. We tossed it in the container and will plop it on top of pieces as we eat them.These will definitely be on the Cookie List in future years! Maybe next year we'll try chopping the candies by placing them in a plastic bag and then pounding them with a hammer. That's how my aunt and grandma used to chop their candies for cookies and cakes - they'd send their husbands to the garage with the candies and tell them to hammer the candies into pieces!!


  1. Aesthetically, the powder looks pretty, like snow almost!

    Good point about the food processor blades, though I used mine last week to "chop" some candy canes and I got dust as well. I have a marble rolling pin that works as well.

    How are your cookies tasting from the freezer? Mine seem to be fine. I also really like frozen cookies =)

  2. Whitney - I thought the powder looked like snow, too! I haven't tried any of the frozen cookies yet. I'll probably try them around Christmas Eve when we pack cookie boxes as gifts.

  3. You have a lot more self-control and me. I saved us a plate then packed us up the boxes. I cannot resist the biscotti, it's just so difficult!

    Also, I found Pat Catan's (and JoAnn's actually) has cookie boxes for really cheap. I got the celophane bags for JoAnn's for $1. Just an FYI

  4. Not sure I really have self-control -- we've left plenty of cookies out for our evening snacks!! I missed the bags at JoAnn - I'll have to go back! Thanks!