Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cut-Out Cookies

On Saturday, thanks to the snow, family lunch to celebrate Slarb's birthday was cancelled. These sugar cut-out cookies weren't originally on the Holiday Cookie List, but since the spritz press is broken and since we had some extra time, we decided to use the Christmas cookie cutters and make some sugar cookies!

This is a recipe I've had for ages. We made these cookies in July, using the animal shaped cookie cutters. The recipe is from a Christmas holiday entertaining book my mom used to have. The book is long gone but I still have the recipe. It's a basic sugar cookie recipe; it uses butter and shortening plus a bit of milk. The dough chills for at least an hour before rolling.I never use the old, metal gingerbread man or the metal Santa with his sack of toys cookie cutters, yet I keep them and pull them out every year. Yes, I have 2 snowmen cutters, and yes, I have 3 Christmas tree cutters. I just can't seem to part with some of the never-used or duplicate cutters!

While the dough chilled, SP shoveled snow off the walkway and driveway - you can faintly see his footprints from when he went out to get the newspaper!I showered and did some chores. By the time we had completed chores, eaten lunch, and both showered, the dough had probably chilled for about 2 hours. This seems like a good amount of time. If the dough is not cold enough, it can be crumbly and/or difficult to roll and sometimes sticky. SP was very pleased with the consistency of the dough.

As usual, SP was in charge of rolling and cutting.I was in charge of decorating, baking, and clean up. I used the kitchen table as my decorating & cooling area.We have many small bottles of colored sugars, nonpareils, etc. We are dorky enough to actually use round decors for eyeballs, chocolate sprinkles as buttons on the 'gingerbread' men, and on the Christmas tree cookies we put small stars at the top, green sugar for the green tree, and nonpareils for the ornaments. Here are some non-gingerbread gingerbread men waiting to go in the oven:Although the recipe says to bake for 8-10 minutes, we found that ours were done in 5-6 minutes. Candy cane shapes baking in the oven:We got some thin cookies, which turned very brown, and some thicker cookies. A bit of variety -- some people, like my dad, enjoy them extra brown, while others like a thicker, less brown, less crispy cookie.
Of course there were a few 'casualties' - naturally we can't serve those to guests. We had to sample them. SP calls it 'quality control.' Yummy as always!

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