Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Last weekend we put up the Christmas decorations. I thought I'd share a few photos.

Here's SP's super HUGE Grinch mug. It doesn't even fit on the mug rack! I have no idea how anyone could drink coffee/tea out of this HUGE thing. We filled it with candy - dark chocolate kisses and cherry chocolate kisses.

I guess you can't really tell how HUGE it is in the photo, but trust me, it is HUGE!!!!

This year I bought a wreath for above the fireplace. The usual Japanese butterfly/bamboo cross-stitch picture doesn't match the mantle holiday decor!My mom wanted grandma's light-up Frosty (OK, it's just a snowman but we call it 'Grandma's Frosty'). Mom didn't take it back to Las Vegas yet so I put it out. On the left is a Japanese girl and her banner says 'Merry Christmas.' On the right is a wintry bell from when I was a child.Here's some of the meaningful ornaments:

Kokopelli, which SP & I bought on our first vacation together in Sedona, AZ
A musical Grinch ornament which SP & I bought last year. There's a button on the back and when you push it, the ornament lights up and plays the Grinch song. I love The Grinch and watch it several times every year!
My wine cork elephant from Monterey, CA, where I lived for 2 years

By the time I moved back to Pittsburgh after graduate school, my brother was starting a job in Ohio and my parents had moved to Vermont. Since my grandparents also lived in Pittsburgh, my parents and brother would come to Pittsburgh every Christmas.

My first year back, I wanted to put up a Christmas tree. My parents didn't want to bother with a tree since they were not celebrating the holiday in Vermont, so my mom brought all the Christmas stuff from Vermont to Pittsburgh. She & I went through the ornaments and gave my brother his ornaments. Over the years, we often received a 'keepsake' ornament. My brother & I now each have our own ornaments and my mom divided up the other 'keepsake' ones (ones that she & dad had received and that oftentimes had the year printed on them).

That first year, I bought a bunch of inexpensive 'filler' ornaments. Over the years, I have accumulated nicer, more 'exciting' ornaments.

Noah's Ark

My mom usually gives me an ornament for Christmas every year. It usually represents something special to me, like my Steamboat Willie ornament (I like Mickey Mouse, especially when he first came out as Steamboat Willie), the Frosty ornament (I always cried when I was a child and I watched Frosty - so sad when he melts!), a Japanese origami ornament, etc. I love all of them - I really can't pick a favorite. Each one represents a stage of my life or something important to me and some are simply family 'heirlooms' since they belonged to my great-grandmother. There is one not very pretty ornament, it's a camel, but I keep it because it belonged to my great-great-grandmother.

Every year it's fun to unwrap and re-discover the ornaments. Sort of like an early opening of gifts! This year, I squealed with delight when I opened up Steamboat Willie - I had forgotten about that ornament! SP was amused by me. He says I am like a little kid when I get the Christmas stuff out.

We have, however, thrown out all those elementary school macaroni ornaments...!!!

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  1. Last night, Jared and I got our tree. Before we moved into together, I had a tiny (maybe 3 ft) fake tree from Target. This year we decided on a real tree. I couldn't be happier, and Jared told me, too, I was like a little kid with excitement.