Friday, December 18, 2009

In the Kitchen

This week in our kitchen:

Sadly, the roast chicken didn't last all week! A quick dinner for two evenings was shrimp stir fry.
We almost always have the ingredients for shrimp stir fry on hand. Our ingredients: rice, peas, shrimp, eggs, and carrots. This time we used white rice (sometimes SP likes brown) and we added some freshly grated ginger. SP squeezed some disgusting looking & smelling red sriracha chili sauce onto his fried rice - bleah.

Wednesday night we made two batches of Harvest Loaf Cake - one for SP's work potluck (which was today) and one for a holiday party this weekend. We've made this loaf cake before. This time, SP added the walnuts.

Tonight we wanted a quick dinner since SP wanted to get back out the door and do some errands. We have a lot going on this weekend, and if some of our plans fall through it will be because of snow, so between the plans and potential snowy weather, he wanted to get a lot done tonight. We decided on grilled cheese.We used some whole wheat bread, smoked gouda and provolone, baked ham, and a wee bit of leftover roast chicken. Yum!

Every afternoon I've been making myself a coffee treat. It's a cross between a latte and a cappuccino! This week, I've been enjoying some new Nespresso coffee flavors: Apricot, Gingerbread, and Chestnut Cream.All are quite tasty and I stocked up since these special flavors are available for only a few weeks. I've been enjoying my coffee treat with a snack of M&M's!

I mentioned that SP's work potluck party was today. He brought me home a treat:Eat'n Park's seasonal gingerbread Smiley cookie! It's smiley face did indeed make me smile in spite of feeling under the weather and feeling very sad because of some upsetting/stressful medical news yesterday.

Enjoy the weekend!

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