Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lamb Ragu & Funny People

On Sunday we made a Lamb Ragu, yet another Bon Appetit recipe from my collection and also we've had lamb ragu on our minds since Snickie recently made it. Unfortunately, we were so busy with chores and errands that we didn't start the ragu until 6 pm. Since it wouldn't be ready until around 8 pm, we decided to eat leftover Thanksgiving food for dinner while the lamb simmered away and save the ragu for re-heating during the week.

SP bought lamb shoulder chops and cut the meat into cubes.He saved the bones and included them in the ragu while it simmered to get all the yummy lamb meat off the bones. First up, browning the lamb in olive oil. After it browned, it was time to add the rest of the ingredients (white wine, garlic, rosemary, bay leaf, tomatoes, a bit of water). We omitted the garlic. We didn't have enough white cooking wine (only about 1/4 cup), we didn't have any real white wine (only red), so we added some white cooking wine with lemon to the regular white cooking wine to make 1/2 cup. That 'with lemon' bottle was an 'oops' purchase -- when it was purchased no one noticed the word 'lemon' on the label after 'white cooking wine.' After adding everything to the pot, we let it simmer until it was done.Very simple.

The recipe calls for making homemade gnocchi. I'm not a huge fan of gnocchi. We also were not looking for an involved, time-consuming meal, and homemade gnocchi can take a bit of time & effort. So we decided to eat it over noodles.

Last night we cooked the noodles, re-heated half the lamb ragu, and enjoyed a tasty meal. The lamb was so tender and moist and flavorful. Next time I might add some more tomatoes, maybe some veggies like carrots, but then again that might make it too much like a stew.After dinner we watched Funny People. It's a Judd Apatow movie starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. Sandler plays George Simmons, a very successful comedian who learns he has a terminal illness. After meeting Ira (Rogen) at a comedy club, George hires him as his assistant. The film is about George dealing with his illness and re-evaluating his life and also the relationship that develops between George & Ira. I didn't like the subplot with George and his ex-girlfriend, but otherwise it was much better than either of us expected. We also watched some extras on the DVD.

Tonight, we finish the Thanksgiving stuffing & green beans! The pie is gone. We'll also have some turkey tonight but there's still plenty for our lunch meat this week.


  1. This looks great! Cooking wine, eh? That stuff can be pretty bad sometimes. Ever heard of these guys: www.academiewines.com? I've had a lot of luck with them - and I'll bet the blend #4 would go great with this!

  2. foodiefranklin: we try to avoid cooking wine because it tends to be salty/not taste great, but we keep some in the pantry because often it seems like we don't have the right bottle of real wine on hand when we need it! Thanks for the wine tip!