Thursday, December 24, 2009

Regular Pizzelles

Wednesday afternoon I soldiered on alone with the Holiday Baking!! After making the palmiers and cappuccino pizzelles, I made Regular Pizzelles - Holiday Cookie #11. 'Regular Pizzelles' are, in Yum Yum's mind, flavored with anise and vanilla. I love the smell of anise and there's something about anise pizzelles - I think they're my favorite pizzelle flavor.

I whipped up the batter and again settled in at the kitchen table to drop batter into the pizzelle maker.I actually find this part kind of relaxing. Scoop batter, drop batter on pizzelle maker, shut lid, sip hot tea and gaze out window at winter wonderland & new construction until the light turns green, remove to cooling rack, repeat. You can see wisps of steam coming off the pizzelle maker right after I drop the batter on and shut the lid:About 45 minutes later I had nearly 4 dozen pizzelles.

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