Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roast Chicken

With much of our recent free time spent baking cookies or with other holiday errands/events, we haven't been doing much exciting cooking in the kitchen for dinner. That's not to say we aren't cooking - we're just not trying new recipes and not doing anything too labor intensive.

Last Sunday afternoon, after baking the Spicy Chocolate Shortbread, we roasted a chicken. Usually we rub it with lemon peel and shove a lemon inside. This time, for something a bit different, we rubbed olive oil on it and sprinkled it with poultry seasoning. We stuffed some leftover fresh sage (from Thanksgiving) into the chicken. It took much longer than usual to roast, probably because it wasn't completely thawed.

We had planned to make homemade biscuits, but after the cookies we were just too tired so we 'cheated' and made ourselves some frozen biscuits from Pillsbury. These are great to keep in the freezer because, unlike a tube of crescent rolls, you can make just one biscuit, or 3 biscuits - you don't have to make 8 rolls and then eat way too much or try to make them last until the next meal. We also steamed some fresh broccoli.The chicken tasted good, but I prefer when we roast it with the lemons. Since I don't eat the skin, I didn't really get much poultry seasoning taste.The best part of roasting a chicken is having lots of leftovers for the week!

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