Monday, December 21, 2009

Triple-Ginger Cookies

I like the flavor of gingersnaps, but not the hard crunch of them (or at least not the hard crunch of store-bought gingersnaps; I've never made homemade gingersnaps). I have a recipe for Soft Ginger Cookies, but despite wanting to make them every year, I've never managed to do so. One year I made spiced cookies but the dough was very crumbly and the cookies were rather dry. Disappointing. I have been searching for a delicious, mouth-watering, somewhat soft, moist, yummy spice/ginger cookie. I think I have finally found it.

Last month I was reading the December 2009 issue of Bon Appetit when I came across a recipe for Triple-Ginger Cookies. This recipe calls for three kinds of ginger: ground ginger, fresh ginger, and crystallized ginger.It sounded lovely - I decided right then that we had to make these. I showed the recipe to SP and he readily agreed.Sunday afternoon we baked Holiday Cookie #7: Triple-Ginger Cookies.

In addition to the 3 kinds of ginger, there's cinnamon, ground cloves, molasses, light brown sugar, and dark brown sugar plus the usual ingredients (flour, sugar, butter, etc.).The dough is very easy to make. It looks and smells appropriately gingery, clove-y, and cinnamon-y:The cookie dough is shaped into one inch balls which are then rolled in granulated sugar and placed on parchment lined cookie sheets:They bake until they have a lovely cracked look on top.
The dough smells wonderful but once the cookies start baking, it's even more wonderful. The whole house starts to smell a wonderfully spicy holiday smell. As soon as the first batch was removed from the oven, I started salivating. I think I waited 2 minutes before deciding that one cookie had a flaw and therefore had to be tested for quality control. The flaw? Ummmm.... I think it might have had a (post-baking) thumbprint. Oops. How did that happen? Silly bumbly me.

I ate half the cookie and started saying "mmmmmmm" right away. I gave SP the other half and he also immediately started saying "mmmmmmmm." They are crisp, but not too crisp, somewhat soft inside with wonderful ginger-clove-cinnamon taste. So good. Just to be sure we weren't imagining the yumminess, we split another cookie. I could have eaten the entire first tray of cookies right then.

SP's dad came over for dinner last night and he really liked these cookies, too. We are planning to send a tray of cookies to Philadelphia with him on Thursday (he's going to spend the holidays with East PA Sister and her family) but I warned him that these might not make it onto the tray. These might not make it onto any of the gift trays. They are that good. I might just keep them all for myself. I might even hide them from SP!

Or maybe we'll just make another batch and keep it for ourselves.

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