Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Dinners at Home

This weekend in our kitchen: Crab & Pork:CRAB

In November when the new Giant Eagle was running lots of specials, SP bought some crab legs. Saturday night he steamed them for dinner. No seasoning, no butter for dipping, just crab. Here's our bowl of steamed crab:It was quite tasty. SP was in charge of getting all the crabmeat out of the legs (I don't like trying to pick out all the meat!!). He's especially proud of extracting this large, intact hunk of crabmeat:Along with lots of crab: we snacked on some crumbly cheddar & smoked gouda:we made mini provolone-tomato bruschetta with the leftover multi-grain baguette & tomatoes:and we had some spanakopita bought at Costco:Everything was delicious! Here's the bowl of empty crab shells:Since holiday planning had been stressful of late, we opened a bottle of Malbec.I've tried Malbec before and enjoyed some, not others. This was a Coppola Malbec. Ever since I visited Coppola winery in 2003, I've been a fan of Coppola wines. The Malbec was very good.

We didn't finish the crab - we ate the leftover crab for lunch today. We made crab salad, simply adding some chopped celery (leftover from Thanksgiving) and mayo to the crab. SP ate his on a toasted multi-grain English muffin:I ate mine with a fork:
The crab salad was almost yummier than the steamed crab!!! We also finished the sliced cheese and spanakopita for lunch. This was a very nice treat/deviation from my usual Swiss & turkey on English muffin lunch!

PORK LOINTonight we made a pork loin roast. SP simply mixed together some olive oil, rosemary, and Argentine salt (side note: my sister-in-law is from Argentina and her family uses this salt for their asado (grilling) and they always bring us some from Argentina when they visit; I think you can now buy this brand of salt here in some specialty stores).He rubbed the mixture all over the pork and cooked it until the thermometer said 160.

We also roasted some red potatoes tossed with olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper and we roasted asparagus.A very tasty Sunday meal, with leftovers, of course. We enjoyed the rest of the Malbec with tonight's pork.

We actually finished dinner & clean up a bit before 7 pm, so SP went downstairs to watch the end of the Giants-Cowboys game. Soon we will watch The Amazing Race season finale. I hope the bickering brothers don't win!

We also baked some Christmas Cookies this weekend!!! More on the cookie baking later! And speaking of Argentina, I am now craving empanadas (yes, even after all the food I just ate!). My sister-in-law's mother makes awesome empanadas - maybe SP & I will have to try making empanadas soon!

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