Monday, January 18, 2010


Saturday was not a terrific day. Turns out the 'check engine' light in the car came on because we had problems with the catalytic converter. Ugh. $710 later, the car is all better (for now). That plus the $585 from work done in November to pass inspection has us wondering if it is indeed at last time to take on a car payment. Certainly, spending $1300 in 3 months to make an 11 year old car with 132,000 miles run is not a happy thing!! But a monthly car payment... also not a happy thing!

To make matters more annoying on Saturday, every time SP called from the car place, his cell phone dropped the call. We were trying to figure out if we should even have the work done, how long could it keep running with work/without work, what did the mechanic think the car was worth, should we just get a new car in the next 2 weeks, etc. - trying to have a serious discussion but the darn calls kept dropping! There must have been 15 calls between us on Saturday morning in a 20 minute time span. Add in the static and generally crappy connection, and it's easy to see why SP's first stop after leaving the car place was to buy the Droid and switch to Verizon Wireless.

He's very happy with his new Droid gadget. The change to Verizon Wireless has been in the works for a few months, he just wasn't sure if he wanted to go ahead and get the Droid or wait for the rumored imminent debut of the Palm Pre on Verizon. The completely unacceptable performance of his AT&T phone at the car place pushed him into making the change immediately. Soon we will combine our cell phone accounts into a Family Share!

SP also did a bunch of errands (grocery shopping, Costco shopping, etc.). He left at 9 am and didn't get home until 4:30 pm - just in time for the 'What's for dinner?' conversation!

After all those charges piling up on the credit card, we needed to escape, de-stress, have a 'mini' date, but one that didn't cost a lot!!! So we went to Aladdin's for dinner. There are several in the Pittsburgh area. We went to the one in Mt. Lebanon.

SP ordered an iced green tea (I stuck with water) and we started off with an order of Falaffel -"Mildly spiced vegetarian patties made with chick peas, fava beans, parsley, and scallions. Fried in peanut oil and served with Tahini Yogurt sauce. Pita on the side."Unfortunately, our pita on the side never showed up. It was my first time trying falaffel so I had no idea what it should to taste like. It was OK. Chick peas are not one of my favorites and even 'mildly spiced' was a bit spicy for me. The accompanying tomato was OK - it was typical January tomato. SP thought the falaffel patties were delicious.

For his meal, SP ordered a rolled pita.I think he got the Shishtawook - "Marinated char-grilled chicken tenderloins, greens, tomato, turnips, and pickles topped with Aladdin's famous garlic sauce, rolled in a pita." He enjoyed it. I didn't taste it (garlic).

I ordered my usual Aladdin's meal: Ali Baba Pitza - "Pureed eggplant sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, char-grilled slices of eggplant, slivered calamata olives and sprinkled with oregano." It was, as usual, delicious.

Of course we had to order dessert. I ordered the Tiramisu Cake.I love this cake. It's my usual Aladdin's dessert choice. It's not too rich, not too dense - a nice, light top layer and even the bottom layer is pretty light. I ate the whole piece.

SP opted for a slice of something called Chocolate Apple Walnut Cake, I think. I didn't like it - there were too many flakes of coconut for me (I don't like coconut). He ate about half and brought the rest home.

A nice meal, filling but not too filling, and not too hard on the wallet! I think our meal and drink plus tax plus tip plus parking totaled $40.

Does it count as a date if your 'date' plays with his new Droid phone and you play with your new digital camera while you stuff food in your mouths?!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the car, as you know, I was just there. I love Aladdin's! We always order the hummus which is so creamy you forget it's got chickpeas. I also think it's funny because our date nights are so similar!